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[Fix] Handling of SWP_Query tax_query argument [New] Advanced setting checkbox to control whether stored document content is purged and re-indexed during index rebuilds [Update] Translation source

Note: SearchWP 4 is a full rewrite, which will bring with it a number of rapid patch releases in the short term. Apologies for the overall number of updates, but the goal is to get fixes in your hands as soon as possible. This can be annoying at times and I’m sorry for that, but […]

[Fix] Regression introduced in 4.0.24 when utilizing PDF Metadata [Improvement] Note displayed in SearchWP Document Content meta box when document is queued but not yet processed [Update] Translation source

[Fix] Utilize previously extracted PDF metadata instead of parsing it repeatedly [Change] Updated default batch size for Media to 3, can be customized with searchwp\indexer\batch_size\post.attachment hook [Improvement] Handling of urlencoded tokens in some cases

Version 4.0.21 was released with a possible Error in some cases so it was quickly patched by version 4.0.22. [New] Query parameter support for post_type when using SWP_Query (additional parameter support is planned) [Fix] Issue with partial matching yielding zero results in some cases [Fix] Quoted search support for WP_Post Content, Document Content [Improvement] Reduced […]

[New] New filter searchwp\source\post\db_where to customize global WHERE limits per post type [New] License key is automatically activated when provided via constant or hook [Fix] Error on uninstall when removing all data [Fix] Issue where Mods were not applied to SWP_Query in some cases [Change] No longer relying on excerpt_more when working with excerpts, now […]

[Notice] Mods have in part been cleaned up and refined in this release, which may affect your usage. Please review any Mods you are using by testing this update on a staging server. If you are manipulating relevance weight based on date, it is likely you will need to update your hooks. Snippets have been […]

[Fix] Error when using mod argument of \SearchWP\Query parameters array [Improvement] Control over Settings page navigation

[Note] Rebuilding your index using the Rebuild Index button on the Engines tab of the SearchWP settings screen is recommended after updating [Fix] Delta update regression introduced in 4.0.13 [Fix] Error when applying delta update to Source that no longer exists [Improvement] Handling of delta update process during failures [Improvement] Delta update queue handling during […]

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