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[Fix] Invalid range in character class introduced in 4.0.15 for PHP 7.3+ [Change] searchwp\tokens\whitelist\only_full_matches retagged as searchwp\tokens\regex_patterns\only_full_matches [Change] searchwp\tokens\apply_rules_to_whitelist retagged as searchwp\tokens\apply_rules_to_pattern_matches [Change] searchwp\tokens\whitelist_regex_patterns retagged as searchwp\tokens\regex_patterns [Change] Regex pattern matches are now tokenized during indexing (but remain exclusive when searching by default when applicable) [New] Filter searchwp\tokens\tokenize_pattern_matches\indexing to disable new tokenizing of pattern match […]

[New] New filter searchwp\tokens\string to customize strings before tokenization [Fix] Handling of synonyms when finding partial matches [Fix] Implementation and handling of regex pattern match tokenization setting [Improvement] Dash/hyphen and word match regex patterns [Improvement] searchwp\source\post\excerpt_haystack filter now passes arguments array [Update] Translation source

[Fix] Issue where partial matches from keyword stems were not found in some cases [Fix] Partial match token processing limited to applicable site(s) [Fix] Excerpt generation when handling unregistered Shortcodes

[Fix] Delta update routine when using alternate indexer that caused unwanted exit [Fix] searchwp\document\content implementation [Improvement] Index integrity check when rebuilding [Improvement] Source hook management in multisite [Improvement] Upgrade routine process

[Fix] Inability to filter searchwp\settings\capability [Fix] Issue with Highlighting in some cases [Fix] Document Content not properly considered for global excerpt in some cases [Fix] Warning when reacting to invalid Entry during indexing [Fix] Namespace issue with PDF parsing in some cases [Fix] Unnecessary provider reset when switching to the same site in multisite [Update] […]

[Fix] Loss of tokens when applying partial match logic in some cases [Update] Revised MySQL minimum to 5.6 because of utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci collation requirement

[Change] Post is now returned when parent weight transfer is enabled but Post has no post_parent [Improvement] Excerpt handling for native results [Improvement] Additional prevention of invalid WP_Post results being returned in one case

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