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[New] Filter to control stemmer locale searchwp\stemmer\locale [Improvement] Token stems/partial matches are considered during AND logic pass [Fix] String not sent to searchwp\stemmer\custom [Change] searchwp\query\partial_matches\buoy is now opt-in

[Fix] Issue where AND logic would not apply in some cases [Fix] Issue where additional unnecessary query clauses are added in some cases [Fix] Issue with delta updates not processing when HTTP Basic Auth is active [Fix] Minimum PHP version requirement check (which is 7.2)

With the beta testing phase being complete, SearchWP 4 is now available to all active license holders! This is a major release with breaking changes, something that has not happened before in the life of SearchWP. The big picture There are a few high level points to be aware of: Automatic update of a major […]

[New] Support for BETWEEN, NOT BETWEEN, LIKE, and NOT LIKE compare operators for Mod WHERE clauses [Fix] Handling of Mod WHERE clauses in some cases [Fix] Handling of REST parameters when returning search results

[New] Check for remnants of SearchWP 3 that were not removed as per the Migration Guide [New] searchwp\source\post\attributes\comments action when retrieving Post comments [Fix] Handling of empty search strings in some cases

Version 3.1.12 of SearchWP is now available for all active license holders. It is a small bug fix release and recommended for all license holders. [Fix] Issue with partial match return values in some cases [Fix] Notice about Deprecated array syntax [Update] Dependencies

The Shortcodes Extension has been updated to version 1.6.1 and is available to all active license holders. [Fix] Issue with handling quotes

Version 1.4.5 of SearchWP Live Ajax Search has been released, it resolves an issue with Post Types that were set to exclude from search when registered, and also resolves an issue with quoted search support as well.

Version 3.1.11 is a small bugfix release and is available to all active license holders. [Fix] Issue with synonym partial matching not working as expected in some cases

Version 3.1.10 of SearchWP has been made available for all active license holders. This is a maintenance and bugfix release. [Fix] Issue with supported post type attributes not appearing in all cases [Change] Template conflict detection is now opt-in [Update] Updated dependencies

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