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Version 3.1.9 of SearchWP is a recommended update for all active license holders. [Fix] Logic issue with one of the query limiters in some cases

Version 3.1.8 of SearchWP is a maintenance and bugfix release: [New] searchwp_query_strict_limiters filter allowing you to opt out of some search query limiters [Change] Some private properties/methods have been made public

Version 3.1.7 of SearchWP has been made available to all active license holders. Changelog: [Fix] Issue with finding partial matches in some cases [Improvement] PHP 7.4 compatibility [Update] Adds class reference to some hooks [Update] Dependencies

SearchWP 3.1.6 is a recommended update for all active license holders as it cleans up a few bugs and implements some performance enhancements. It also better integrates with WordPress 5.3. Full changelog: [Change] Default partial match minimum length updated to 3 [Improvement] Handling of quoted searches when highlighting [Improvement] Integration with WordPress 5.3 [Improvement] Exact […]

SearchWP 3.1.5 is now available to all license holders. This is a minor release that implements a couple performance optimizations. Full changelog: [Improvement] Performance when considering document processing [Fix] Partial matches resource usage

Version 3.1.4 of SearchWP has been made available for all active license holders, it is a recommended update that fixes a couple of performance issues that will benefit everyone. Full changelog: 3.1.4 [Fix] Regression introduced when debugging is enabled and FS_METHOD = ftpext is imposed [Fix] Custom built admin searches not working as expected in […]

Today is a good day, SearchWP 3.1 has been released! There are a number of features included in this release that have been (heavily) requested for some time, so I’m very happy to have them available as of today! Quoted phrase searches! A (somewhat unknown) feature of many search engines is the ability to wrap […]

Version 3.0.7 of SearchWP has just been made available and is a recommended upgrade for all SearchWP customers. Version 3.0.7 is primarily a bug fix and improvement release, but here are the details from the changelog: Full changelog: [Improvement] Handling of highlighter logic [Improvement] Highlighter excerpt generation [Improvement] Debug environment checks/messaging [Improvement] Provide feedback when […]

SearchWP version 3.0.6 has been made available to all active license holders. It is primarily a bugfix release with a couple of enhancements and is a recommended update for all license holders. The biggest change in this version is an adjustment to how admin search interception is implemented. In order to take advantage of SearchWP’s […]

Version 3.0.5 of SearchWP has been released and is a suggested update for all active license holders. There are a couple of enhancements and changes that should be discussed: You can now paste in a comma separated list of Stopwords into the Stopword input and SearchWP will automatically create separate Stopwords for you. This will […]

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