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This small update adds three new filters to make Term Highlight more adaptive: searchwp_th_query — Term Highlight attempts to automagically retrieve the search query to use, but this filter lets you specify what to use The other issue tackled with this release is how to handle Shortcodes when generating ‘global’ excerpts. Term Highlight is also […]

Apologies for such a quick bugfix release, but 2.3.1 implements a fix for cleaning up PHP Warnings/errors and also fixes a regression that prevented the settings screen from properly retrieving the Custom Field keys in use. The data was saved, they just weren’t properly retrieved. Version 2.3.1 is available via automatic update and in your […]

I’m really excited to say that version 2.3 is now available for all active license holders! There are a number of neat improvements and bug fixes in this version you’ll want to check out. One feature I’m a fan of is an update to the progress bar UI when the indexer is running. SearchWP monitors server […]

Version 2.2.3 brings another revision to the indexer stall check that stabilizes it even further, there should be no more issues with indexer stalls. It also includes a new warning that helps should you forget to disable debugging (which may generate a large log file): Full changelog: [Improvement] Another revision to the indexer stall check […]

Version 2.2.2 includes an important update to the indexer stall check and is recommended for all active license holders. Full changelog: [Improvement] Better indexer stall check [Improvement] Better handling of search logs (moved from main class method to search class) to better accommodate 3rd party integrations

Version 2.2.1 is now available for all active license holders and includes a number of small bugfixes. It is a recommended update for everyone. Full changelog: [Improvement] Better handling of indexer stall check [Improvement] Switched Admin Bar entry from ‘Currently Being Indexed’ to ‘In index queue’ for accuracy’s sake [Improvement] Better handling of delta updates […]

Version 2.2 is now available to all active license holders and is a recommended upgrade. There are a few new features and a number of improvements/fixes that make SearchWP more stable and performant. SearchWP will now detect whether you’re missing an integration Extension that’s available for one of your active plugins: Of course if you […]

SearchWP 2.1 is now available to all active license holders and is a recommended update for everyone. The two big changes in this release is a significant improvement to query performance when searching for more than one term using AND logic. Further: PDF content extraction is now much more powerful on the PHP level (if […]

Diagnostics 1.1 is now available to active license holders with a new feature of being able to make mock connections with the indexer to ensure that the communication path is clear.

A few small fixes and improvements in this release! [New] New regex whitelist pattern to support ampersand-joined terms (e.g. M&M) [Fix] Fixed an issue where toggling whether the indexer was enabled/disabled would sometimes conflict if not done on the SearchWP settings screen [Improvement] Fixed an issue where umlaut’s were incorrectly removed from PDF content when […]

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