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Term Synonyms 2.0 requires SearchWP 2.0.3 or greater. Term Synonyms has undergone some significant changes as a result of SearchWP’s maturation. Prior to version 2.0 Term Synonyms was very strict about what constituted synonyms and would aggressively remove punctuation, for instance. That is no longer the case, Term Synonyms will now accept any comma separated […]

Fuzzy Matches has been updated to better utilize the change in SearchWP 2.0.3 that better integrates extensions and the generation of the main search query. Fuzzy Matches 1.1 requires SearchWP 2.0.3 or greater.

LIKE Terms has been updated to better utilize the change in SearchWP 2.0.3 that better integrates extensions and the generation of the main search query. LIKE Terms 2.0 requires SearchWP 2.0.3 or greater.

Version 2.0.3 introduces a couple of new useful filters. The most impactful update here is a change to the search algorithm and how each search term is processed. The update makes it easier for extensions to do a better job of modifying the final search query instead of manipulating the search terms themselves. This results […]

Version 2.0.2 brings a couple of updates to search statistics, full changelog: [New] New Filter: searchwp_statistics_cap allows you to filter which capability is required to view and interact with stats [Improvement] Ignored queries in search statistics are now stored per user, not globally

Available to all active license holders: [Fix] Fixed an issue introduced in 2.0 that prevented the uninstallation routine from properly executing when not using multisite [Improvement] Resolved an issue in certain hosting environments that may have prevented the indexer from running

This is a small bugfix that cleans up a PHP Warning and also improves searchwp_term_highlight_the_excerpt_global() by allowing you to specify a Custom Field key to force an excerpt location.

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