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[Improvement] Better handling of refinement of AND logic in more cases [Improvement] Better handling of forced AND logic when it returns zero results

You can now utilize a custom stemmer to find keyword stems. SearchWP handles English out of the box, but different languages require different stemming. Extensions will be released periodically to make this easier on developers. [Fix] Fixed a potential issue where the search algorithm refinement may be too aggressive [New] New Filter: searchwp_custom_stemmer to allow […]

New filters! [New] New filter: searchwp_and_logic_only to allow you to explicity force SearchWP to use AND logic only [New] New filter: searchwp_refine_and_results tells SearchWP to further restrict AND results to titles [New] New filter: searchwp_max_and_results to allow you to tell SearchWP when you want it to refine AND results

Version 1.4 brings a fix to the way comments are indexed. If you’re utilizing comments in your settings by giving them weight, it is recommended that you purge your index and reindex. Full changelog: [New] Added a new Advanced setting to allow you to pause the indexer without deactivating SearchWP [New] New filter: searchwp_include_comment_author allows […]

[New] New filter: searchwp_short_circuit to allow you to have SearchWP not run at runtime. Useful when implementing other plugins that utilize search.

Version 1.4 is available to all license holders and brings a couple of fixes, the primary of which being a fix for the indexing of comment data, and a new feature allowing you to pause the indexer progress without disabling SearchWP. If you have given weight to comments in any of your settings, you will […]

Version 1.3.5 is a really small release that includes an interoperability fix with the Post Types Order plugin. Search results are no longer hidden when Post Types Order is activated.

Version 1.3.4 is a recommended update for everyone as it fixes an issue triggered by having both Custom Fields and attribution in play for post types. Additional fixes include better remote debugging. Full changelog: [Fix] Fixed an issue where taxonomy/custom field weight may not have been appropriate attributed when applicable [Fix] Fixed an issue where […]

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