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Version 1.9.2 is an optimization and bugfix release that’s recommended for everyone. Prior to this version SearchWP was a bit gratuitous when making use of options, those multiple-row records have been consolidated into a single record to reduce the number of overall database queries. This should also help in external object-caching situations for a number […]

Version 1.9 has just been made available to all active license holders. It is a recommended update for everyone as there have been significant improvements with performance both concerning the indexer and the search algorithm. The changes are low level, so you are encouraged to purge your index and reindex if that is feasible. The […]

Version 1.8.4 is now available for all license holders. It’s a bugfix release that is recommended for everyone. Full changelog: [Improvement] Better handling of serialized objects which resulted in __PHP_Incomplete_Class errors [Improvement] Better enforcement of maximum term length when indexing as defined by the database schema [Improvement] Better handling of Deadlock cases when indexing [Improvement] […]

Version 1.8.3 is now available for all active license holders. It includes some PHP Warning cleanup, a new filter, and updated translation files. If you are able to provide translations for SearchWP, I would be greatly appreciative! Please send a note to for more information. Full changelog: [Fix] Cleanup of PHP Warnings [New] New […]

Version 1.8.2 fixes an issue introduced in version 1.8 as a result of trying to be less aggressive with update checks. When a new update was found, the notification would not persist unless the WordPress core update transient expired, resulting in initial update notifications but failing to apply the update. This issue has been resolved […]

Version 1.8.1 is essentially a hotfix that fixes a regression in 1.8 that resulted in failed search queries in certain cases where weight attribution was set (or not set). It is a recommended update for all 1.8 users.

Version 1.8 is now available to all active license holders and is a recommended update for everyone. Most significantly the search class has been refactored in prep for planned advancements down the line. Other notable improvements include reduction in query overhead when matching weights are used for multiple Custom Fields or Taxonomies. Also you may […]

Version 1.7.2 includes a couple of changes and is recommended for all active license holders. Full changelog: [New] New Extension: Term Highlight – highlight search terms when outputting results! [New] New Filter: searchwp_found_post_objects allowing for the customization of Post objects returned by searches [Fix] Fixed an issue where overriding SearchWP File Content would be overwritten […]

Version 1.7 includes a number of performance updates and overhead reduction. There is now a new Advanced option allowing you to opt-in to having SearchWP completely remove all traces of itself upon plugin deletion. This option is disabled by default. Changelog: [New] There is a new Advanced option called Nuke on Delete that adjusts the […]

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