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This update better respects disabled post types when finding appropriate term archives to bubble to the top. It also adds a new filter, searchwp_tax_term_or_logic that allows you to enable OR logic when looking for potential term archive pages. For example if you want term archive pages with any of the search terms, you can add […]

In this update I’m excited to debut the Xpdf Integration Extension. Xpdf is a standalone PDF processor that SearchWP can utilize when extracting content from your documents. Please note that the Xpdf Integration Extension utilizes a call to exec() and also requires you to install Xpdf manually (so as to put it in a non-public […]

This update forces SearchWP to use the pre-1.3.2 OR logic instead of the AND logic it uses now. When considering fuzzy matches, AND logic will hardly (if ever) generate the results you’re looking for, so SearchWP will use OR logic when Fuzzy Matches is activated.

Version 1.3.2 includes a quick fix to an issue with the deferred index updates introduced in 1.3.1. There is also an important logic change that you should know about. Through version 1.3.1 SearchWP used what can essentially be considered OR logic for searches. As of version 1.3.2 that logic has been switched to AND for […]

I’m really happy to say that version 1.3.1 is now available via auto update for active license holders. The biggest update in this release is the change to background index updating when editing posts. Prior to this release you would need to wait for edits to be reindexed before the page would load, but that […]

Version 1.3 comes with a number of other dot releases that were not announced here simply because of the tight timeline. I apologize for the rapid dot release updates, I’ve just been trying to knock out bug fixes for customers ASAP. I hope to stabilize the schedule from here on out as the codebase matures. […]

Version 1.2.2 fixes a regression in 1.2.0 that prevented proper taxonomy exclusion from search results. Another bug was taken care of that, in certain cases, had the index indicator exceed 100% completion.

Version 1.2 focused on search query performances and resulted in some search queries taking as little as half the time as they did before! There were also other improvements in overall indexer integrity performance so it is recommended that you purge your index after updating to this version. Full changelog: 1.2.0 ========== [Improvement] Overall reduction […]

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