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Version 1.6.9 fixes two small bugs and is a recommended upgrade for all active license holders. Full changelog: [Fix] Fixed an issue that may have generated a SQL error after late term sanitization when performing searches [Fix] Fixed an issue that caused taxonomies to be omitted in searches by default upon activation

Version 1.6.8 is a small bugfix release, full changelog: [Fix] Fixed a regression introduced in 1.6.7 that prevented the ‘last indexed’ statistic from being properly maintained [New] New Filter: searchwp_extra_metadata allowing you to force additional content into the index per post

Version 1.6.7 includes a bunch of code cleanup, a fix for a potential exclusion by weight bug, and other miscellaneous performance improvements. It is a recommended update for all active license holders. Please note (as mentioned in the changelog) that your search stats will be reset during this update so as to inherit some of […]

Version 1.6.5 includes some low level fixes that should help stabilize the indexer. The other update is more cosmetic in that the Admin Bar entry now better reflects whether the indexer is paused. This update is recommended for everyone, enjoy! Full changelog: [Improvement] Better appropriate suppression of WP_Query filters in internal calls [Improvement] Admin Bar […]

This update is recommended for all users as it fixes an issue where the text extraction process was too aggressive in stripping out special characters. Existing PDFs will need to be re-indexed.

Version 1.6.4 includes a few bugfixes and improvements. It is a recommended update for everyone, enjoy! Full changelog: [Fix] Admin bar entries now only show up when browsing the WordPress admin and the current user can update_options [Fix] Fixed an issue where overwriting the stored PDF content may not have properly taken place [Improvement] Initial […]

Term Archive Priority 0.5 has just been made available to all active license holders, it resolves an offset issue that was preventing the top search result from being properly included.

Version 1.6 has just been released and it’s got a ton of great stuff included. There was a big focus on reducing the overall footprint of the indexer, you’ll find server loads reduced when building indexes from this version forward. A number of new filters will make both the indexing and searching of your site […]

Version 1.5.5 is a recommended update for everyone as it improves performance in a number of areas. Most significantly you should see faster index times both during initial index builds (and after purges) in addition to delta updates (e.g. when you edit content). Another existing addition in 1.5.5 is that SearchWP will now auto-throttle the […]

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