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Version 1.3 comes with a number of other dot releases that were not announced here simply because of the tight timeline. I apologize for the rapid dot release updates, I’ve just been trying to knock out bug fixes for customers ASAP. I hope to stabilize the schedule from here on out as the codebase matures. On to the release notes!

[New] New filter: searchwp_search_query_order to allow changing the search query order results at runtime
[New] New filter: searchwp_max_index_attempts to allow control over how many times the indexer should try to index a post
[New] New filter: searchwp_prevent_indexing to allow exclusion of post IDs from the index process entirely
[Improvement] Better low-level interception of WordPress query process so as to accommodate other plugin workflows
[Improvement] Better realtime monitoring of indexer progress
[Improvement] Better detection and handling of troublesome posts when indexing
[Improvement] Better handling of 'initial index complete' notification after purging and reindexing
[Improvement] Cleaned up purging and uninstallation routines

[Improvement] Search statistics are no longer reset along with purging the index
[Improvement] Better options cleanup both during index purges and uninstallations
[Improvement] Improvement in overall indexer performance, not by a large margin, but some

[Fix] Fixed an issue where the database environment check was too aggressive and prevented activation before the environment was set up

[Fix] Fixed an issue where numeric Custom Field data was not indexed accurately
[Improvement] Better detection for custom database table creation

Version 1.2.2 fixes a regression in 1.2.0 that prevented proper taxonomy exclusion from search results. Another bug was taken care of that, in certain cases, had the index indicator exceed 100% completion.

Version 1.2 now available

September 22, 2013 in ,

Version 1.2 focused on search query performances and resulted in some search queries taking as little as half the time as they did before! There were also other improvements in overall indexer integrity performance so it is recommended that you purge your index after updating to this version.

Full changelog:

[Improvement] Overall reduction in query time when performing searches (sometimes down to 50%!)
[Improvement] Indexing process now handles huge posts in a more efficient way, avoiding PHP timeouts
[Improvement] Better handling of term indexing resulting in a more accurate index
[Fix] Fixed an issue where term IDs were not pulled properly during indexing
[Change] Changed the default weight for Titles so as to better meet user expectations

As always, automatic updates are available for active licenses, enjoy!

Version 1.1.2 brings a significant improvement to overall query time for search results page renders. Further, a bug was squashed that may have prevented search queries from executing properly in certain circumstances.

Version 1.1 now availabe

September 12, 2013 in ,

Version 1.1 has just been made available via auto-update in addition to your Account area. This is an awesome update that brings a number of fixes and even more improvements! There are new filters, three new Extensions and a nice update to the search algorithm that has searches taking as little as 25% of the time they took before! Full changelog:

[New] A more formal integration of Extensions such that settings screens can be added
[New] You can now limit Media search results by their type (e.g. search only Documents)
[New] Extension: Term Synonyms – manually define term synonyms
[New] Extension: WPML Integration
[New] Extension: Polylang Integration
[New] Extension: bbPress Integration
[New] New filter searchwp_include that accepts an array of limiting post IDs during searches
[New] New filter searchwp_query_main_join to allow custom joining during the main search query
[New] New filter searchwp_query_join to allow custom joining in per-post-type subqueries when searching
[New] New filter searchwp_query_conditions to allow custom conditions in per-post-type subqueries when searching
[New] New filter searchwp_index_attachments to allow you to disable indexing of Attachments entirely to save index time
[Improvement] Major reduction in query time if you choose to NOT include Media in search results (or limit Media to Documents)
[Improvement] Better edge case coverage to the indexing process; it’s now less likely to stall arbitrarily
[Improvement] Better delta index updates by skipping autosaves and revisions more aggressively
[Improvement] Fixed a UI issue where the CPT column on the settings screen may expand beyond the right hand column
[Improvement] Better default weights

This is a small maintenance release that fixes a small issue with taxonomy term processing. It is recommended that you purge your index after this update so your taxonomy terms are fully re-indexed using the included update. Enjoy!

With this update come a number of awesome changes:

[Fix] Fixed an issue where duplicate terms could get returned when sanitizing
[New] Extension: Fuzzy Searching
[New] Extension: Term Archive Priority
[New] Added filter searchwp_results to faciliate filtration of results before they’re returned
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_start to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_total to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_pre_search_terms to allow filtering search terms before searches run
[New] Added filter searchwp_load_posts so as to prevent weighty loading of all post data when all you want is IDs (props Matt Gibbs)
[Improvement] More arguments passed to searchwp_before_query_index and searchwp_after_query_index actions

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