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With this update come a number of awesome changes:

[Fix] Fixed an issue where duplicate terms could get returned when sanitizing
[New] Extension: Fuzzy Searching
[New] Extension: Term Archive Priority
[New] Added filter searchwp_results to faciliate filtration of results before they’re returned
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_start to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_total to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_pre_search_terms to allow filtering search terms before searches run
[New] Added filter searchwp_load_posts so as to prevent weighty loading of all post data when all you want is IDs (props Matt Gibbs)
[Improvement] More arguments passed to searchwp_before_query_index and searchwp_after_query_index actions

This exciting update was focused primarily on indexer performance and additional improvement to the handling of terms both when indexing and searching. It is recommended that you purge and reindex after updating so as to inherit the indexer improvements with your content. You can purge your index using the Advanced link at the bottom right of your settings screen. Automatic updates are available to those with active licenses, enjoy!


[NOTICE] Due to an indexer update, it is recommended that you purge your index after updating
[Improvement] Better, more performant indexer behavior during updates
[Improvement] Added logging for supplemental searches
[Improvement] Better punctuation handling during indexing and searching
[Improvement] Better cleanup of stored options when applicable
[Fix] Better logging of original search queries compared to what actually gets sent through the algorithm
[Fix] Fixed potential PHP warning

Version 1.0.6 has just been released with a few new filters and much better support for indexing/searching code documentation. You can auto-upgrade to this release with an active license or by downloading from your Account area. Enjoy!

Version 1.0.5 is a bugfix release that helps to better prepare the environment for indexing and in turn provide more insight when it comes to debugging. Full changelog:

[Change] Updated user-agent of indexer background process for easier debugging
[New] Added initial support for common debugging assistance
[Improvement] Better support for WordPress installations in subdirectories
[Improvement] If the initial index is already built by the time you go from activation to settings screen, a notice is displayed
[Improvement] Better support for generating your own pagination with supplemental searches
[Fix] Stopped 'empty' search queries from being logged

You can auto-upgrade to 1.0.5 with an active license, or download it from your Account area.

I was a bit ambitious with the UTF-8 fix in version 1.0.3, so this version is a better overhaul of both the indexer processing of content and performed searches. Issues with certain punctuation causing no results to appear should now be fully resolved.

I strongly suggest purging and reindexing when upgrading to this release, and if you’re running a version earlier than 1.0.3 you’ll need to manually update due to a URL issue in the auto-update process. As always, you can find download links in your Account section. Thank you!

Version 1.0.3 brings a fix to the auto-update routine, so you will need to apply this update manually by downloading the latest version from your Account area.

I’m also recommending that you purge and reindex your content. A change was made in the handling of some special characters that might have an effect on some of your searches, so the easiest way to get around any potential issues is to purge the index and start fresh.


[Fix] Fixed an issue with the auto-update script not resolving properly
[Improvement] Better handling of special characters both when indexing and querying

SearchWP version 1.0.2 brings a couple of small bugfixes, changelog:

[Fix] Fixed an issue where Custom Field weights weren’t saving properly on the Settings screen

[Fix] Fixed an issue that would cause searches to fail if an enabled custom post type had a hyphen in it’s name
[Fix] Fixed an off-by-one issue in generating statistical figures

The debut release of SearchWP is available now! In celebration of the initial launch, I’m running a social discount where you can get 25% off any license with a simple tweet. Grab a copy today, I hope you enjoy SearchWP!

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