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Version 1.6 has just been released and it’s got a ton of great stuff included. There was a big focus on reducing the overall footprint of the indexer, you’ll find server loads reduced when building indexes from this version forward. A number of new filters will make both the indexing and searching of your site […]

Version 1.5.5 is a recommended update for everyone as it improves performance in a number of areas. Most significantly you should see faster index times both during initial index builds (and after purges) in addition to delta updates (e.g. when you edit content). Another existing addition in 1.5.5 is that SearchWP will now auto-throttle the […]

Version 1.5 is now available for everyone with an active license and if you are using Media in your search results you are encouraged to purge your index and rebuild it as some media-related index update bugs have been resolved. The other big addition here is the initial inclusion of Admin Bar support. Now when […]

This version addresses a regression that prevented the searchwp_and_logic_only filter from working properly, forcefully applying AND logic at times when it wasn’t wanted. It is a recommended upgrade for everyone that does not require a reindex.

Version 1.4.8 primarily brings a fix for a potential issue where no results were returned if AND logic was used and search terms only appeared in taxonomies. Full changelog: [Fix] Fixed an issue where the default comment weight was not properly set on install [Improvement] Better handling of additional reduction of AND pool results [New] […]

Version 1.4.7 fixes a small bug that prevented excluding terms based on the established minimum word length. This resulted in potential false positives with ignoring custom stop words and other edge cases. It’s a recommended upgrade for everyone.

AND logic has been completely refactored to prevent potential false positives. You can also now filter where AND logic is applied. Allow me to explain: Out of the box, SearchWP applies AND logic to entire posts. That is to say terms can appear in the title, content, excerpt, slug, anywhere. As long as all the […]

The last few releases have been focused on improvements to AND logic, as is 1.4.5. Further, you can now give weights of -1 to forcefully exclude results if keywords show up there. SearchWP will also now ignore postmeta that WordPress ads but usually isn’t useful for search, things like edit locks and such. You can […]

[Improvement] Better handling of refinement of AND logic in more cases [Improvement] Better handling of forced AND logic when it returns zero results

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