SearchWP 3.0.5 Now Available

March 26, 2019

Version 3.0.5 of SearchWP has been released and is a suggested update for all active license holders. There are a couple of enhancements and changes that should be discussed:

You can now paste in a comma separated list of Stopwords into the Stopword input and SearchWP will automatically create separate Stopwords for you. This will help when you’d like to import a list of Stopwords directly into the interface.

Partial matching has been changed slightly in version 3.0.5. In version 3.0 partial matching was implemented in such a way that it only applied when exact matches were not found. This went against the implementation of LIKE Terms and Fuzzy Matches (the Extensions that SearchWP absorbed in version 3.0) so this behavior has been reversed. When partial matching is enabled SearchWP will now search for partial matches regardless if there are exact matches. You can utilize the searchwp_partial_matches_lenient filter to restore the behavior from version 3.0 if you’d like.

The third party libraries used by SearchWP have been reorganized and updates. There are two reasons for this: primarily there was a security notice related to TCPDF which is a library used by SearchWP for PDF parsing/indexing. This security issue was not exploitable given SearchWP’s implementation as it relied on a malicious actor uploading a specific file type which needed to then be used in the creation of a PDF using TCPDF. SearchWP does not generate PDFs nor does it facilitate file uploads. While this exploit does not directly relate to SearchWP it is important to remain updated. The second reason for reorganizing these dependencies is an effort to circumvent an issue with plugin updates in certain Windows server environments.

The full changelog for version 3.0.5 is as follows:

  • [New] Pasting of comma separated Stopwords will create individual Stopwords from the list
  • [Fix] Conditional disabling of partial matches per engine by using provided filter
  • [Fix] Prevent missing exact matches when finding partial matches
  • [Improvement] Post types that are excluded from search during registration are now listed out
  • [Improvement] When Metrics is installed the engine configuration Search Statistics link is correct
  • [Change] Enabling partial matches no longer gives exact matches full priority, short circuiting on exact matches is now opt in via filter
  • [Change] Third party dependencies have been reorganized to reduce file path which should help to avoid issues on certain Windows servers
  • [Update] Translation source
  • [Update] PHP version compatibility
  • [Update] Dependency update which brings additional PHP compatibility
  • [Security] TCPDF security update (which as evaluated could NOT have been exploited)
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