Version 4.1.16 of SearchWP has been made available to all active license holders. There are a couple of new items in this release, along with optimizations, refinements, and a couple of bug fixes as well. This is recommended update for all SearchWP users.



  • [New] searchwp\index\source\add_hooks filter to allow prevention of core hook implementation
  • [New] Integration with WP All Import to better react to import processes
  • [Improvement] Global excerpt generation in some cases
  • [Improvement] Indexer state handling when programmatically pausing/unpausing
  • [Fix] Searching Media in the WordPress Admin in some cases
  • [Fix] Handling (omitting) of entries that failed indexing in some cases
  • [Fix] Statistics migration from SearchWP 3 (if Statistics failed to migrate, please open a support ticket for direct assistance)

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