Version 4.0.16 of SearchWP Available Now

June 19, 2020

  • [Fix] Invalid range in character class introduced in 4.0.15 for PHP 7.3+
  • [Change] searchwp\tokens\whitelist\only_full_matches retagged as searchwp\tokens\regex_patterns\only_full_matches
  • [Change] searchwp\tokens\apply_rules_to_whitelist retagged as searchwp\tokens\apply_rules_to_pattern_matches
  • [Change] searchwp\tokens\whitelist_regex_patterns retagged as searchwp\tokens\regex_patterns
  • [Change] Regex pattern matches are now tokenized during indexing (but remain exclusive when searching by default when applicable)
  • [New] Filter searchwp\tokens\tokenize_pattern_matches\indexing to disable new tokenizing of pattern match behavior during indexing
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