Term Synonyms has received a number of updates to improve reliability and integration with SearchWP itself. The latest version is a recommended update for all active license holders.

Changelog since the last News update:


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with Replacements not applying correctly
  • [Update] Changed SearchWP hook utilization to stabilize integration with other extensions/customizations


  • [Fix] Fixed PHP Warning


  • [Fix] Better handling of replaced synonyms


  • [Fix] Fixed PHP Warning


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that didn’t properly replace terms with defined synonyms


  • [Fix] PHP Warning cleanup


  • [Fix] Fixed tooltips not rendering properly
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with capitalized terms not being properly utilized
  • [Improvement] Updated instructions/UI to be more clear


  • [Fix] PHP Warning cleanup
  • [Update] Updated updater


  • [Change] No longer presumptuously prevent AND logic by default (it caused issue if AND logic was forced,¬†among other¬†integration issues; enable manually where necessary)


  • [Fix] Removed case sensitivity for synonym sources


  • [Fix] Dynamically stem synonyms when applicable, fixes an issue with results not showing up when stemming was enabled


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented search results when stemming was enabled


  • [Improvement] Automatic updates based on your SearchWP license key


  • [Change] Use the original (i.e. not filtered) search term(s) to find synonyms

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