This Documentation is for SearchWP Version 3

Post Type(s) not Listed in Engine Configuration

By default, SearchWP respects post types that have been registered with exclude_from_search = true and will not make them available when configuring your search engine(s). If any post types are not showing up when configuring your engine(s) it is likely because of this setting.

There are two ways to get around this issue:

  1. Modify the post type registration to prevent it from being excluded from search (preferred)
  2. ​Force SearchWP to index the post type

Modifying the post type registration is preferred because when you only force SearchWP to disregard the exclude_from_search setting, the post type is still technically excluded from search which can have some unwanted (but rare) side effects.

Ideally you’re able to toggle a setting with the plugin or theme that registered the post type(s) to prevent search exclusion. If there isn’t a setting available for that, you can review the code itself to see if the post type registration arguments can be filtered to set exclude_from_search = false.

If you are unable to prevent the post type(s) from being excluded from search, you can force SearchWP to index the post type(s) by using this hook: searchwp_indexed_post_types.

Please take into account any side effects of either approach, as excluding content from search was likely intended by the original developer for any number of reasons.