This Documentation is for SearchWP Version 3

Upgrading to SearchWP 4

SearchWP 4 (completely rebuilt!) is available to all active license holders!

It is recommended that all SearchWP 3 installations are upgraded to SearchWP 4

Average upgrade/migration time: 5 minutes (depending on custom hooks/code)

There are a few high level points to be aware of:

  • Automatic update of a major version (from SearchWP 3 to SearchWP 4) is not available, updating to a new major version is a manual process
  • SearchWP 4’s requirements (which match WordPress) are PHP 7.3+ and MySQL 5.6+
  • Automatic updates will be available within major versions e.g. SearchWP 3 and SearchWP 4 will continue to receive their own automatic updates when available
  • SearchWP 3 Engines, settings, Stopwords, and Synonyms will be migrated upon activating SearchWP 4
  • SearchWP 4 is available to all license holders, your license grants you access to both SearchWP 3 and SearchWP 4
  • Your license key is the same for SearchWP 3 and SearchWP 4
  • SearchWP 4 is a major release with no feature regressions, but breaks backwards compatibility with SearchWP 3 code
  • Support is available to assist you with updating hooks from SearchWP 3 to SearchWP 4 equivalents (Note regarding Hooks: all tags have changed, some parameters, and some functionality)
  • A full Migration Guide has been prepared to assist with upgrading from SearchWP 3 to SearchWP 4

Please know that support services will be available to answer any specific questions you have about moving to version 4, and we will also be available to help you re-implement any hooks you are using.

For more information, please see these News entries:

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