This Documentation is for SearchWP Version 3

Advanced Settings

The Advanced tab of the SearchWP settings screen allows you to configure SearchWP on a lower level, enabling various features that may be helpful to the search experience on your website.

There are four main areas of the Advanced tab of the SearchWP settings screen:


Stopwords are terms that are intentionally excluded from both the search index and any submitted searches. These words are very common and often do not contribute to the relevance of results and as such are completely ignored. You have full control over the Stopwords used by SearchWP. More info.

Screenshot of Stopword management in SearchWP

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SearchWP allows you to establish synonyms for search queries to allow for more relevant results. If you notice (by examining your statistics) that visitors are searching for “grey” but you spell it “gray” you can teach SearchWP what it should do in that case. More info.

Screenshot of synonym management in SearchWP

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Actions & Settings

Using the Action buttons you can reset SearchWP’s index, wake up the indexer if it appears to have stalled, and restore dismissed notices. There are individual settings to modify how SearchWP operates when indexing and searching. More info.

Screenshot of Actions and Settings in SearchWP

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Using the Advanced settings screen you can easily export existing engine configurations and import them into another WordPress installation that has SearchWP. This can be beneficial when moving a site between domains, or even backing up your engine configuration over time.

Screenshot of SearchWP's import feature