With this update come a number of awesome changes:

[Fix] Fixed an issue where duplicate terms could get returned when sanitizing
[New] Extension: Fuzzy Searching
[New] Extension: Term Archive Priority
[New] Added filter searchwp_results to faciliate filtration of results before they’re returned
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_start to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_query_limit_total to allow offsetting the main query results
[New] Added filter searchwp_pre_search_terms to allow filtering search terms before searches run
[New] Added filter searchwp_load_posts so as to prevent weighty loading of all post data when all you want is IDs (props Matt Gibbs)
[Improvement] More arguments passed to searchwp_before_query_index and searchwp_after_query_index actions

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