Version 1.1 has just been made available via auto-update in addition to your Account area. This is an awesome update that brings a number of fixes and even more improvements! There are new filters, three new Extensions and a nice update to the search algorithm that has searches taking as little as 25% of the time they took before! Full changelog:

[New] A more formal integration of Extensions such that settings screens can be added
[New] You can now limit Media search results by their type (e.g. search only Documents)
[New] Extension: Term Synonyms – manually define term synonyms
[New] Extension: WPML Integration
[New] Extension: Polylang Integration
[New] Extension: bbPress Integration
[New] New filter searchwp_include that accepts an array of limiting post IDs during searches
[New] New filter searchwp_query_main_join to allow custom joining during the main search query
[New] New filter searchwp_query_join to allow custom joining in per-post-type subqueries when searching
[New] New filter searchwp_query_conditions to allow custom conditions in per-post-type subqueries when searching
[New] New filter searchwp_index_attachments to allow you to disable indexing of Attachments entirely to save index time
[Improvement] Major reduction in query time if you choose to NOT include Media in search results (or limit Media to Documents)
[Improvement] Better edge case coverage to the indexing process; it’s now less likely to stall arbitrarily
[Improvement] Better delta index updates by skipping autosaves and revisions more aggressively
[Improvement] Fixed a UI issue where the CPT column on the settings screen may expand beyond the right hand column
[Improvement] Better default weights

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