Version 1.4 brings a fix to the way comments are indexed. If you’re utilizing comments in your settings by giving them weight, it is recommended that you purge your index and reindex. Full changelog:

  • [New] Added a new Advanced setting to allow you to pause the indexer without deactivating SearchWP
  • [New] New filter: searchwp_include_comment_author allows you to enable indexing of comment author
  • [New] New filter: searchwp_include_comment_email allows you to enable indexing of comment author email
  • [New] New filter: searchwp_auto_reindex to allow you to disable automatic reindexing of edited posts
  • [New] New filter: searchwp_indexer_paused to allow you to override the Advanced setting programmatically
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where comments were not accurately indexed
  • [Improvement] Improved stability of results when multiple posts have the same final weight by supplementally sorting by post_date DESC

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