Version 1.8 is now available to all active license holders and is a recommended update for everyone. Most significantly the search class has been refactored in prep for planned advancements down the line. Other notable improvements include reduction in query overhead when matching weights are used for multiple Custom Fields or Taxonomies. Also you may now include LIKE (%) modifiers when adding your own Custom Field meta keys using searchwp_custom_field_keys so as to accommodate data storage from certain plugins like Advanced Custom Fields’ Repeater field type that uses incremented meta_keys when saving Repeater rows.

Another significant improvement in this release involves SearchWP’s capability to analyze it’s environment and check for common issues you may have concerning interference from your active theme or an active plugin. If SearchWP discovers a potential conflict, you will be presented with the following notice:

Screenshot of notice

This particular notice calls out a potential theme conflict, clicking More info provides more detail into the conflict itself:

Screenshot of notice

Using this information you can resolve the conflict by removing the offending lines, and the notification will disappear. There are also action/filter notifications if SearchWP finds that the active theme or an active plugin has implemented functionality that may interfere with SearchWP providing accurate results.

PLEASE NOTE that there are perfectly acceptable uses of hooks that may trigger SearchWP’s conflict notifications. SearchWP provides a method to dismiss the notices once you’ve verified that there’s no conflict, the notices are a precautionary method as a response to common support requests. Unless you are experiencing an issue with SearchWP, you can likely dismiss these warnings if they appear after updating to version 1.8.

For more information on this update there is a full Knowledge Base article to check out:


Full 1.8 changelog:

  • [New] You can now include a LIKE modifier (%) in Custom Field keys (essentially supporting ACF Repeater field (and similar plugins) data storage)
  • [New] SearchWP will now attempt to detect potential conflicts and add notices in the WordPress admin when it finds potential problems
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where custom keyword stemmers would only be used during indexing, not searching
  • [Improvement] The Custom Fields dropdown on the settings page is no longer limited to the 25 most-used meta keys
  • [Improvement] The Custom Fields dropdown now uses select2 to make it easier to quickly select your desired meta key
  • [Improvement] Various improvements to the main settings screen styles
  • [Improvement] Fixed an issue where Custom Field meta keys would be over-sanitized when saved in the SearchWP options
  • [Improvement] Update checks are performed less aggressively, reducing some cases of increased latency in the WordPress admin
  • [Improvement] Better singleton instantiation, fixing an issue with localization and certain hook utilization
  • [Improvement] Scheduled events are now properly removed upon plugin deactivation
  • [Improvement] Reduction in query overhead when multiple Custom Field meta keys have the same weight
  • [Improvement] Reduction in query overhead when multiple taxonomies have the same weight
  • [Improvement] Refactored the main query algorithm so as to improve maintainability and stability over time
  • [Improvement] Formatting improvements, code quality improvements
  • [Improvement] Updated translation files (accurate translations will be rewarded, please contact

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