Version 1.9.9 fixes an issue with a feature of SearchWP that detects whether a parallel indexer process was invoked. There was an issue with very large posts being indexed (and thus chunked into multiple passes of the indexer) possibly not being fully indexed but falsely flagged as being ‘in progress’ and excluded from subsequent indexer runs. If possible I would suggest purging your index and reindexing so as to be sure all of your posts are fully indexed.

Term Highlight 1.6.3

Term Highlight 1.6.3 is now available which includes a nifty new function searchwp_term_highlight_get_the_excerpt_global() which will automatically build an excerpt for you that includes search terms (so as to highlight the highlighting). A couple of small bugs with this function (which was introduced in 1.6) have been fixed, and the resulting excerpt length now respects the length you’ve defined in the searchwp_th_num_words filter. Further, the highlighter now respects the regex patterns set in the SearchWP pattern whitelist.


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