I’m really excited to say that version 2.3 is now available for all active license holders! There are a number of neat improvements and bug fixes in this version you’ll want to check out.

One feature I’m a fan of is an update to the progress bar UI when the indexer is running. SearchWP monitors server resources as the indexer is running, and if a threshold is breached, the indexer will be automatically scaled back a bit so as to not degrade performance of the site. On the other hand it slows down the indexing process, but better that than a slow website while the indexer is running. The UI now reflects when that happens:

UI update screenshot

The next big update is a large improvement in query performance. In my benchmarks I was seeing very significant speed increases in overall query time, which benefits everybody.

Another addition includes the ability to retrieve the calculated weights for all results using SWP()->results_weights. You’re provided with an associative array of all the posts, their weights, and their weights per post type. You can do anything you’d like with these figures. For an example of the output check out this gist:

Some customers were having difficulty getting the indexer to run because they have a complex load balancer setup with a static HTML file at their site_url(). SearchWP used that URL to make it’s indexer passes, but this is obviously a problem if the target is a home brewed static HTML file. To solve this problem a new hook was added allowing you to customize the endpoint SearchWP uses for all of it’s communication.

The last new change to discuss is the fact that SearchWP will now parse and index content from HTML element attributes that can have valuable content within them. For instance the alt content for an img. SearchWP has a core set of tags/attributes it considers when indexing, but of course you can filter that completely.

A number of other small bugfixes, changes, and improvements have been added to SearchWP version 2.3. Full changelog:

  • [New] Added UI feedback when the indexer has been automatically throttled due to excessive server load
  • [New] Deprecated $searchwp global in favor of new function SWP()
  • [New] You can now retrieve the specific weights that set the order for search results per-post and per-post-type-per-post (SWP()->results_weights)
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_endpoint allowing developers to customize the endpoint used by the indexer for each pass (uses only the slug, the site_url() is automatically prepended)
  • [New] SearchWP will now index what it considers valuable HTML element attribute content (e.g. alt text)
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_indexer_tag_attributes allowing developers to customize which elements and attributes are considered valuable
  • [Improvement] Significant performance increase of main search algorithm
  • [Improvement] Better UTF–8 support when tokenizing
  • [Improvement] Indexer now ensures it’s not being throttled before jumpstarting
  • [Improvement] Reset AUTO_INCREMENT when the index is purged
  • [Improvement] Deprecated and removed explicit indexed meta flag in favor of utilizing the already present last_index meta flag
  • [Fix] Removed redundant error_log usage with debugging enabled
  • [Fix] Properly log searches called directly from search class
  • [Fix] Empty searches are no longer logged when performed via the API
  • [Change] Removed Remote Debugging as it no longer applies to support
  • [Change] Settings screen is now loaded via AJAX so as to get around excessive page caching in the WP admin by certain hosts
  • [Change] MyISAM is no longer explicitly used when creating custom database tables (uses your MySQL default instead)
  • [Change] Refined default common words

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