Version 2.4.5 is now available for all active license holders, bringing settings export/import, a few small fixes, some new filters, new awesome graphs, and a new support system!

New Support System

The way customers receive support for SearchWP is changing for the better as of version 2.4.5. Using a forum worked really well for the first year and I think it can be a very effectivey way to provide support. Like anything it has it’s drawbacks though, and after taking the time to think it through I’ve decided to move to a new system. The details of the support system changes have been published, but if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to send a note.

Sweet New Graphs

Statistics on search is something I think will be a focus over the next year, I have a lot of ideas cooking about what can be useful concering the data that SearchWP can collect. You get more insight into your visitor activity (e.g. specifically what they’re looking for on your site) but in addition to that SearchWP can take a deep look at search history when compared to your actual content. I’ve been thinking a lot about that and there are definitely some interesting things that can come from it. In preparation for that, the graphing library in SearchWP has been updated to use Chartist, which is awesome:

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 8.40.21 AM

They’re awesome, adaptive, responsive charts that look great even on high resolution displays. Keep an eye out for additional improvement in this area over the coming months!

Settings export/import

There is now a settings export/import available in SearchWP on the advanced settings screen. You can export all of your search engines or simply pick and choose which ones you’d like to export. A textarea will give you the content to copy and it can be pasted into another SearchWP install. If an exported engine has the same name as an engine in the target install it will be overwritten, so use this feature carefully. If however you would like to import an engine that had a different name, the importer will add that engine to your existing engines.

Additional fixes, improvements, and changes

A few small bugs were also taken care of in this release, specifically dealing with the accuracy of ‘Today’ search stats, Shortcode processing, a conflict with Post Types named label, and transient storage.

Full changelog

  • [New] Direct integration of support ticket creation within the WordPress admin
  • [New] New filter searchwp_lightweight_settings allowing for a speedier but degraded settings screen loading (e.g. not loading taxonomy terms)
  • [New] New filter searchwp_dashboard_widget_cap for more control over Dashboard Widget visibility (defaults to settings cap (which defaults to manage_options))
  • [New] Settings export/import facilitated by copying and pasting JSON of engine configuration(s)
  • [Improvement] Due to numerous issues with object caching, index validation hashes are stored as options instead of transients
  • [Improvement] Updated licensing system framework
  • [Improvement] Better handling of initial UI load on settings screen by obstructing UI until all bindings are properly in place
  • [Change] Switched to Chartist for statistics graphs
  • [Change] Reinstated automatic theme conflict notices (filter conflicts continue to appear only when debugging is enabled)
  • [Fix] Search statistics for Today are more accurate
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented Shortcodes from being processed when using searchwp_do_shortcode
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue triggered by a Custom Post Type named label preventing proper SearchWP settings storage
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented Dashboard Widget transient storage if supplemental search names exceeded 17 characters

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