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SearchWP was designed from the get-go to work best on small-to-midsize sites. It will work best on a site with anywhere from a few posts to a few thousand. If your website has tens of thousands of posts (e.g. Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types) or even hundreds of thousands I would not recommend using SearchWP. […]

By default SearchWP will make searchable all post types (e.g. Posts, Pages, Custom Post Types, Media) and Users. In addition to the post types themselves, each post type has a number of Attributes, including: Title Excerpt Slug Content Custom Fields Taxonomies Comments When setting up your Engine(s) you can pick and choose which of these […]

Using the available hooks you can customize the behavior of SearchWP in many ways. What are hooks? ‘Hooks’ are functions that integrate with WordPress/SearchWP behavior without needing to edit core files. There are two types of hooks: Actions: Actions are arbitrary points in the execution of the core code that allow you to fire your […]

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