how to exclude pages from wordpress search results

Are you wondering how to exclude pages from site search results in WordPress? By default, WordPress shows all the posts and pages on your website that match a search query. But, it might not be handy in some cases. In this article, we’ll show you the easiest way to hide any post or page from […]

How to add a search bar is WordPress

Would you like to add a search bar to your WordPress website? This is a helpful feature that allows website visitors to find the content they’re looking for in a few seconds. Unfortunately, not every WordPress theme has a search bar by default. And it might be challenging to figure out how to add it […]

How to add shortcode results to WordPress

Are you wondering how to include shortcode results in a WordPress search? Shortcodes are quite popular among the WordPress community. They allow website owners to show dynamic content in any post, page, or sidebar with a few clicks. Not everyone knows, but shortcodes often contain a lot of useful search-oriented content. Unfortunately, the default WordPress […]

How to Add Custom Fields Search in WordPress

Are you trying to add custom fields search to your WordPress site? Custom fields are a useful WordPress feature for adding extra information to your site content. If your site users can search your custom fields, they’ll get to see more relevant results. This can help you boost your sales and customer satisfaction. In this […]

How to Change the Default WordPress Search Settings

Are you trying to change the default search settings on your WordPress site? The default WordPress search is quite limited. It is slow and doesn’t always give relevant results. But you can improve your site’s search experience by changing the default search settings. In this post, we’ll show you how to change your WordPress site’s […]

How to Add Fuzzy Search to Your WordPress Site

Do you want to add fuzzy search to your WordPress site? A fuzzy search process makes your site look for search results in a more flexible way. If you enable it, your site will show results that are similar in spelling to what the user typed in the search bar. This can help you improve […]

How to Customize the Search Widget in WordPress

Do you want to customize the search widget in WordPress? The default WordPress search feature is not great at finding content. If you want to help your customers find what they need faster, you can customize your search widget. This will boost your site’s average visit duration and grow your brand reputation. In this article, […]

Are you trying to fix issues with WordPress search not working on your website? Troubleshooting WordPress search issues can be quite challenging. This is because there are lots of reasons why your site search may not be working. But if you know where to look, you can fix these issues faster. In this post, we’ll […]

How to Make WordPress Index and Search PDF Files

Trying to make your WordPress site index and search PDF files? WordPress allows you to upload PDF files to your site and store them in your media library. You can also make them available to your site visitors for download. By making WordPress search PDF files and their content, your users can find them more […]

How to Make a Search Bar That Searches Your WordPress Site

Do you want to make a search bar that searches your site in WordPress? A search bar is very important for your website. A powerful search bar helps your site users find all the posts, pages, and products they need quickly. If you put your search bar in the right place, visitors will spend more […]

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