Do you want to learn how to add live autocomplete search to WordPress sites? Live autofill search helps your site visitors find posts, pages, and products faster. Yet, WordPress doesn’t offer this feature by default. In this article, you’ll learn how to add live autocomplete search to WordPress sites so you can improve your website […]

How To Make Multilingual Sites Searchable In Wordpress Thumbnail

Do you want to make multilingual sites searchable in WordPress? Imagine stepping into a bustling marketplace, eager to explore its treasures. But wait, the shopkeepers speak a different language! Even though you can walk around the marketplace, you cannot ask for help or get any assistance. Frustration sets in, and you leave empty-handed. That’s what […]

How To Make The Knowledge Base Searchable In WordPress Thumbnail

Do you want to make the knowledge base searchable in WordPress? Knowledge Base (KB) is a treasure trove of valuable information on products, services, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. However, having a sea of content on your website doesn’t ensure your visitors are finding what they need. Because when searching through the vastness of content, it’s […]

How to find the most searched product on website thumbnail

Do you want to learn how to find the most searched product on your website? Imagine the journey of an online fashion retailer who checked their website’s search info and found lots of people looking for vintage-style dresses. It was a clear signal from their audience. So, the retailer quickly increased their vintage dress inventory, […]

How To Optimize The WordPress Search Results Page thumbnail

Do you want to learn how to optimize the WordPress search results page for a better user experience? Your visitors rely on your website’s search feature to easily find what they are looking for. If you can optimize this page, you can improve the user experience significantly, leading to better results, increased conversion, and more […]

How To Make WordPress Search PDF Files Thumbnail

Are you trying to make WordPress search PDF files on your website? WordPress allows you to upload PDF files to your site and store them in your media library. You can also make them available to your site visitors for download. By making WordPress search PDF files and their content, your users can find them […]

Are you struggling to retain visitor attention on your website? Imagine you walked into a supermarket. Has it ever occurred to you that you went to buy one particular product but ended up buying a lot? That’s the power of upselling. It’s much easier to upsell to customers rather than attract them to the shop. […]

SearchWP makes your website search great with its ability to search all entries in categories and tags. Now, it gets even better with the addition of Taxonomy Source! Imagine a vast library where books are organized not just by titles or authors but also by themes, genres, and subjects. While good categorization helps with a […]

The search results page on your website acts like a curator in a gallery, presenting the finest pieces in the most engaging way. If the curator falters, even the most exquisite art fails to impress. Similarly, if your search results page is clunky, the best of your products or content might go unnoticed. It’s not […]

Introducing Search Results Page That You Can Customize Without Code

The search results page is like the plate that serves dishes in a restaurant. If the presentation is bad, it ruins the mood, and the food tastes only half as good! Similarly, a search results page presents the results returned by a search engine. That’s why a well-structured results page is crucial for your website. […]

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