How To Make WordPress Search Image Files Thumbnail

Do you want to make WordPress search image files on your website? The default WordPress search is primarily designed to index text content within posts and pages. It does not index the image metadata. As a result, when a user searches using keywords within an image’s alt text, caption, or description, the default search cannot […]

How to redirect search results in WordPress Thumbnail

Do you want to redirect search results in WordPress to a specific page or a post? Using this technique, you can architect a brilliant funnel that converts. When a visitor searches for an item or content unavailable on your website, you can do one of a few things. You can straightforwardly say you do not […]

How to customize the WooCommerce search results page Thumbnail

Do you want to customize the WooCommerce search results page? It can transform your online business. Every successful online store understands the importance of a seamless shopping experience—and at the heart of that experience is the ability to find exactly what customers are looking for. This is where the search results page plays a critical […]

How To Make WordPress Blogs Searchable thumbnail

Do you want to make WordPress blogs searchable? A well-functioning search bar can differentiate between a frustrated user and a satisfied one. If you are a blogger, you are likely uncomfortable writing code, so creating an advanced search for your blog may seem troublesome. Therefore, in this detailed tutorial, we’ll show you how to make […]

How To Create A Custom Search Form In WordPress (3 Easy Steps) thumbnail

Do you want to create a custom search form in WordPress? It only takes 3 easy steps! A search form lets visitors quickly find specific content, products, or information on your website without manually navigating through multiple pages. This saves time and enables them to take the desired action faster, whether it is to make […]

Add Live Search To WordPress Thumbnail

Do you want to learn how to add live search to WordPress for free? In this fast-paced world, everyone expects quick results. Retaining your customers would be quite challenging if you can’t immediately serve them what they need. Live search helps your customers find results even before they finish typing what they desire. It removes […]

Live Ajax Search v1.8.0 Revamped Thumbnail

Your favorite Live Ajax Search plugin just got a massive update! Quickly guiding users to the products or information they are searching for can significantly enhance the likelihood of conversion. Because users who can easily find what they need are more likely to purchase or take another desired action on the site. That’s what Live […]

How to Fix WordPress Search Not Working thumbnail

Are you trying to figure out why is the WordPress search not working on your website? Troubleshooting WordPress search issues can be quite challenging. This is because there are lots of reasons why your site search may not be working. But if you know where to look, you can fix these issues easily and quickly. […]

How to Add Custom WooCommerce Search Widgets Thumbnail

Do you want to add custom WooCommerce search widgets to your online store? Adding a search widget to your website helps visitors to find your products faster. By doing this, you get to boost conversion and improve user experience. In this article, we’ll show you how to add custom WooCommerce search widgets easily without writing […]

How To Add Fuzzy Search To WordPress Sites Thumbnail

Would you like to know how to add fuzzy search to WordPress sites? It can make it easier for your visitors to find the content they’re looking for, even if they make mistakes! Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? In this guide, you’ll learn how to enable fuzzy search on your site in a few easy steps […]

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