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By default SearchWP will return results according to the configuration of the Engine used to perform the search. There are times where you’d like to build a form that allows visitors to limit the results to any number of Sources added to the Engine. Once the form is built, we can use a Mod to […]

By default SearchWP returns results sorted by relevance using the weights as defined in your Engine configuration. There are some cases where you may want a specific post type to show up first even if its relevance weight is not highest. We can do that by customizing the way SearchWP calculates relevance, and afford an […]

\SearchWP\Mods are purpose built interactions with SearchWP search queries. There are to primary types of Mods: Index-based Apply modification to the index as a whole Source-based Limit the modification to a single Source The primary way of specifying which type of Mod you’re implementing is to pass in a Source (or Source name) when instantiating […]

By default SearchWP will return results across all Sources within an Engine, ranked by relevance weight in descending order. In some cases it’s useful to group results by Source and within each Source group sort results by relevance. We can utilize a \SearchWP\Mod to do just that. This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may […]

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