Use extensions built for SearchWP to better meet your needs by customizing the functionality of your search engines

Pro Extensions Require a Pro or Pro Plus License

Maximize SearchWP’s abilities with these Pro Extensions. Available to both Pro and Pro Plus license holders.


Use SearchWP to power related content on your site! One click integration combined with an awesome template loader makes implementation easy!


Automatically redirect to a specific page when certain searches are performed!


Metrics collects comprehensive data for on-site search, and provides you with actionable advice about refinements you can make to your content

Standard Extensions

Available to all license holders, standard extensions expand SearchWP’s capabilities to meet various project requirements.

Live Search

Automatically (or manually) enhance your existing search forms with no configuration necessary. You can also fully configure just about everything, right down to the loading spinner and results template.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms for WordPress. SearchWP makes searching your WooCommerce store much more powerful than native WordPress search.

Term Highlight

Automatically highlight search terms in results within The Loop. Programmatically highlight search terms for content outside of The Loop. Generate an excerpt containing at least on search term, automatically!

Fuzzy Matches

Fuzzy matching aims to make SearchWP a bit more lenient with search queries. Use this extension to include search terms that are close in spelling to terms within your index.

LIKE Terms

LIKE Terms only applies partial term matching (compared to Fuzzy Matches which also performs primitive spell checking) which is useful when partial spell checking could wreak havoc on performance. Think partial matching for SKUs, for example.

Term Synonyms

Manually define synonyms for common search terms that don’t yield the results you’re looking for.

WPML Integration

WPML is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows your content to go multilingual. The WPML Integration Extension shows SearchWP how to limit search results to the active language at the time of searching.


If you’re not comfortable (or able) to edit template files to implement search forms and results, this extension provides Shortcodes that generate both search forms and results loops for SearchWP search engines

WP Job Manager Integration

WP Job Manager is a great plugin that allows you to implement a job board on your site. It comes with a feature-rich search but if you’d like to further enhance the keyword implementation you can integrate SearchWP with it directly.

Xpdf Integration

While SearchWP does the best it can to extract content from your PDFs out of the box using PHP only, Xpdf does an even better job.

Boolean Search

By default SearchWP pulls results using all keywords in a search and weights them accordingly, highest weight wins. This extension allows users to exclude keywords from search results, e.g. “cats -dogs” would return search results including “cats” but not “dogs”.


With this Extension you can easily retrieve various data and information from under the hood of the SearchWP index. New features being added regularly.

Exclude UI

Add a checkbox to every Publish meta box allowing you to easily exclude an entry from search

bbPress Integration

bbPress normally prevents searching by excluding it’s own post type. The bbPress Integration Extension allows SearchWP to index forum content and include it in search results. Best of all you can have Reply weight count toward parent Topics!

Polylang Integration

Polylang is an awesome WordPress plugin that allows your content to go multilingual. The Polylang Integration Extension shows SearchWP how to limit search results to the active language at the time of searching.

Term Archive Priority

The Term Archive Priority Extension will force term archive pages to bubble to the top of search results when a match is found. This Extension only applies to supplemental search engines.

German Keyword Stemmer

Utilize German keyword stemming (as opposed to the default English)

Dutch Keyword Stemmer

Utilize Dutch keyword stemming (as opposed to the default English)

PrivateContent Integration

PrivateContent is a popular plugin that allows you to restrict your WordPress content based on user groups you have defined. This integration ensures that results are limited to the appropriate group(s).

Enable Media Replace Integration

Integrate SearchWP with Enable Media Replace to automatically update file content when changes are made

Manage Ignored

Manage ignored searches in SearchWP Statistics

Swedish Keyword Stemmer

Enable Swedish keyword stemming

Co-Authors Plus Integration

Integrate with Automattic’s Co-Authors Plus plugin and include Author details in searches

EDD Integration

Automatically integrate with EDD’s Shortcodes and more

WP Document Revisions Integration

Integrate SearchWP with WP Document Revisions

HeroThemes Integration

Integrate SearchWP results in HeroThemes products

DirectoryPress Integration

DirectoryPress is a popular theme that facilitates creating directories of many kinds. It offers an advanced search with a number of filters specific to DirectoryPress. This extension integrates SearchWP into the text search in DirectoryPress.

Greek Keyword Stemmer

Enable Greek keyword stemming

Third Party Extensions

Created by third party developers, some of these products directly integrate with SearchWP and others extend functionality.


Enable Amazon-like faceting to your search, built to work with SearchWP!

SearchWP API Queries

Utilize SearchWP when performing REST API search queries

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