SearchWP Advanced settings screen

Actions & Settings

SearchWP aims to cover the majority of use cases by default, but there are a number of Advanced settings to consider.

Debugging enabled
When ticked, HTML comment blocks will be included with search results, and debug information will be logged to ~/uploads/searchwp-logs/ More info
Partial matches (fuzzy when necessary)
Whether partial matches should be considered during searches. More info
Automatic “Did you mean?” corrections
When no results are found for a search, try to best guess the intended search and execute that search instead. More info
Support “quoted/phrase searches”
When search terms are wrapped in double quotes, results will be limited to those with an exact match. More info
Highlight terms in results
Automatically wrap search terms in a <mark class="searchwp-highlight"></mark> tag. More info
Parse Shortcodes when indexing
Whether to expand Shortcodes prior to indexing. Note: expanded content will be indexed as it is during the time of indexing, not at the time of searches.
Tokenize regex pattern matches
When enabled, additional tokens will be generated from regex pattern matches. More info
Remove minimum word length
By default words less than 3 characters in length are discarded so as to reduce the size of the index.
Indexer Paused
Prevent the indexer from running.
Reduced indexer aggressiveness
Reduce the amount of work the indexer is doing during each pass.
Delete parsed document content when rebuilding Index
Remove extracted Document Content, PDF Metadata, and image EXIF data and re-parse when rebuilding Index.
Remove all data on uninstall
When deleted using the Delete link on the Plugins page of the WordPress Admin, all of SearchWP’s data will be permanently removed.

Note: all of these settings can be controlled using Hooks as well.

Engine Configuration Transfer

Using the Engine Configuration Transfer you can copy an export of your Engines from one installation and paste it into the Import of another.

Note: Any existing Engine will be overwritten!

After an Engine configuration has been imported you should rebuild the Index using the Rebuild Index button on the Engines tab of the SearchWP settings screen.

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