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Changelog (v4)

Note: This documentation is for SearchWP 4
SearchWP 3.x: Version 3 Changelog


  • [Improvement] Adds NOT IN option to Media File Type Rule
  • [Improvement] Debug HTML comment block output during Admin requests
  • [Fix] Custom Attribute Options not returning proper Label after saving
  • [Fix] Relocate searchwp\\query\\search_string hook to fire earlier
  • [Fix] Issue when performing cross-site Multisite search
  • [Fix] searchwp\\query\\tokens\\limit default value
  • [New] Action searchwp\\query\\core_mods_out_of_bounds fires when core Mods are considered out of bounds


  • [Fix] UI changes introduced by WordPress 5.5
  • [Fix] Global excerpt generation from search suggestions
  • [Fix] Synonym migration from SearchWP 3.x


  • [Fix] Token handling in some cases
  • [Fix] Document content handling when using alternate indexer in some cases
  • [Improvement] Tokenization of HTML in some cases
  • [New] searchwp\\entry\\update_data\\before action fired before Entry data is retrieved
  • [Update] Bundle dependencies


  • [Fix] Prevent inapplicable comment edit events from triggering delta updates
  • [Improvement] Reduced index method checks
  • [Improvement] Reactivity when observing meta updates


  • [Fix] File Content meta box display in some cases
  • [Fix] Entries not being reintroduced after failing when using alternate indexer
  • [Fix] Display of Source Attribute Options when statically defined
  • [Fix] UI display edge cases
  • [Change] Token handling chunked in more cases so as to avoid issues when hosts limit query character length


  • [Fix] Handling of SWP_Query tax_query argument
  • [New] Advanced setting checkbox to control whether stored document content is purged and re-indexed during index rebuilds
  • [Update] Translation source


  • [Fix] Regression introduced in 4.0.24 when utilizing PDF Metadata
  • [Improvement] Note displayed in SearchWP Document Content meta box when document is queued but not yet processed
  • [Update] Translation source


  • [Fix] Handling of PDF metadata that includes invalid characters
  • [Fix] Searching of hierarchical post types in the Admin
  • [Improvement] Performance when handling documents outside the indexing process
  • [Update] Bundle dependencies


  • [Fix] Utilize previously extracted PDF metadata instead of parsing it repeatedly
  • [Change] Updated default batch size for Media to 3, can be customized with searchwp\\indexer\\batch_size\\post.attachment hook
  • [Improvement] Handling of urlencoded tokens in some cases


  • [New] Query parameter support for post_type when using SWP_Query (additional parameter support is planned)
  • [Fix] Issue with partial matching yielding zero results in some cases
  • [Fix] Quoted search support for WP_Post Content, Document Content
  • [Improvement] Reduced debug log volume (logs should be deleted once you\'re done debugging)


  • [New] New filter searchwp\\source\\post\\db_where to customize global WHERE limits per post type
  • [New] License key is automatically activated when provided via constant or hook
  • [Fix] Error on uninstall when removing all data
  • [Fix] Issue where Mods were not applied to SWP_Query in some cases
  • [Change] No longer relying on excerpt_more when working with excerpts, now using ellipsis filtered by searchwp\\utils\\excerpt_more
  • [Improvement] Handling of rare cases where index would need to be woken up repeatedly in order to build
  • [Improvement] Omits redundant Entry retrieval in some cases
  • [Improvement] Significant performance retrieval when generating excerpts (e.g. Highlighting)
  • [Improvement] Advanced Custom Fields integration support


  • [Notice] Mods have in part been cleaned up and refined in this release, which may affect your usage. Please review any Mods you are using by testing this update on a staging server. If you are manipulating relevance weight based on date, it is likely you will need to update your hooks. Snippets have been updated on the KB article for review. Please also ensure your SearchWP Extensions are up to date as well.
  • [Fix] Source Mod WHERE clauses causing errors in some cases
  • [Fix] Raw Mod WHERE clauses had no local alias to utilize
  • [Fix] Mod JOIN claus order was not retained causing errors in some cases
  • [Improvement] Optimized Mod handling in SWP_Query
  • [Improvement] Disable integration extension checks when doing AJAX


  • [Fix] Error when using mod argument of \\SearchWP\\Query parameters array
  • [Improvement] Control over Settings page navigation


  • [Note] Rebuilding your index using the Rebuild Index button on the Engines tab of the SearchWP settings screen is recommended after updating
  • [Fix] Delta update regression introduced in 4.0.13
  • [Fix] Error when applying delta update to Source that no longer exists
  • [Improvement] Handling of delta update process during failures
  • [Improvement] Delta update queue handling during index rebuild


  • [Fix] Invalid range in character class introduced in 4.0.15 for PHP 7.3+
  • [Change] searchwp\\tokens\\whitelist\\only_full_matches retagged as searchwp\\tokens\\regex_patterns\\only_full_matches
  • [Change] searchwp\\tokens\\apply_rules_to_whitelist retagged as searchwp\\tokens\\apply_rules_to_pattern_matches
  • [Change] searchwp\\tokens\\whitelist_regex_patterns retagged as searchwp\\tokens\\regex_patterns
  • [Change] Regex pattern matches are now tokenized during indexing (but remain exclusive when searching by default when applicable)
  • [New] Filter searchwp\\tokens\\tokenize_pattern_matches\\indexing to disable new tokenizing of pattern match behavior during indexing


  • [New] New filter searchwp\\tokens\\string to customize strings before tokenization
  • [Fix] Handling of synonyms when finding partial matches
  • [Fix] Implementation and handling of regex pattern match tokenization setting
  • [Improvement] Dash/hyphen and word match regex patterns
  • [Improvement] searchwp\\source\\post\\excerpt_haystack filter now passes arguments array
  • [Update] Translation source


  • [Fix] Issue where partial matches from keyword stems were not found in some cases
  • [Fix] Partial match token processing limited to applicable site(s)
  • [Fix] Excerpt generation when handling unregistered Shortcodes


  • [Fix] Delta update routine when using alternate indexer that caused unwanted exit
  • [Fix] searchwp\\document\\content implementation
  • [Improvement] Index integrity check when rebuilding
  • [Improvement] Source hook management in multisite
  • [Improvement] Upgrade routine process


  • [Fix] Inability to filter searchwp\\settings\\capability
  • [Fix] Issue with Highlighting in some cases
  • [Fix] Document Content not properly considered for global excerpt in some cases
  • [Fix] Warning when reacting to invalid Entry during indexing
  • [Fix] Namespace issue with PDF parsing in some cases
  • [Fix] Unnecessary provider reset when switching to the same site in multisite
  • [Update] Updated updater


  • [Fix] Loss of tokens when applying partial match logic in some cases
  • [Update] Revised MySQL minimum to 5.6 (MariaDB 10.0) because of utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci collation requirement


  • [Fix] Regression introduced in 4.0.6 that prevented non WP_Post results from returning


  • [Fix] Issue where taxonomy Rules for Media were not applied correctly in some cases


  • [Fix] Mod WHERE clauses not restricted to Source when defined


  • [Change] Post is now returned when parent weight transfer is enabled but Post has no post_parent
  • [Improvement] Excerpt handling for native results
  • [Improvement] Additional prevention of invalid WP_Post results being returned in one case


  • [New] Filter to control stemmer locale searchwp\\stemmer\\locale
  • [Improvement] Token stems/partial matches are considered during AND logic pass
  • [Fix] String not sent to searchwp\\stemmer\\custom
  • [Change] searchwp\\query\\partial_matches\\buoy is now opt-in


  • [Fix] Issue where AND logic would not apply in some cases
  • [Fix] Issue where additional unnecessary query clauses are added in some cases
  • [Fix] Issue with delta updates not processing when HTTP Basic Auth is active
  • [Fix] Minimum PHP version requirement check (which is 7.2)


  • [Fix] Issue where tokens table was not reset during index rebuild


  • [New] Support for BETWEEN, NOT BETWEEN, LIKE, and NOT LIKE compare operators for Mod WHERE clauses
  • [Fix] Handling of Mod WHERE clauses in some cases
  • [Fix] Handling of REST parameters when returning search results


  • [New] Check for remnants of SearchWP 3 that were not removed as per the Migration Guide
  • [New] searchwp\\source\\post\\attributes\\comments action when retrieving Post comments
  • [Fix] Handling of empty search strings in some cases


  • [New] Complete rewrite of SearchWP
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