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SearchWP General Settings


Your SearchWP license entitles you to automatic updates and support. If your license is not active automatic updates are not possible, and requesting support will require the extra burden of validating your license key when opening a ticket.

General Settings

Partial matches (fuzzy when necessary)
Whether partial matches should be considered during searches. More info
Closest Match
Use the closest match for searches that yield no results and output a notice (requires Partial Matches). More info
“Quoted” Searches
When search terms are wrapped in double quotes, results will be limited to those with an exact match. More info
Highlight terms
Automatically highlight terms in search results when possible. Automatically wraps search terms in a <mark class="searchwp-highlight"></mark> tag. More info
Parse Shortcodes
Index expanded Shortcode output (at the time of indexing).


SearchWP Miscellaneous Settings

Miscellaneous Settings

Debugging enabled
Log information during indexing and searching for review.
When ticked, HTML comment blocks will be included with search results, and debug information will be logged to ~/uploads/searchwp-logs/ More info
Pattern Match Tokens
When enabled, additional tokens will be generated from regex pattern matches. More info
Remove minimum word length
By default words less than 3 characters in length are discarded to reduce the size of the index.
Pause Indexing
Continue to queue (but do not apply) delta index updates. Queued updates will be processed immediately when the indexer is unpaused.
Reduce Indexer Load
Process less data per index pass (less resource intensive, but slower).
Re-parse Document Content
Remove extracted Document Content, PDF Metadata, and image EXIF data and re-parse when rebuilding Index. Leaving this parsed content in place speeds up index rebuilds.
Uninstall SearchWP
Remove all traces of SearchWP when it is deactivated and deleted from the Plugins page.

Note: all of these settings can be controlled using Hooks as well.


Wake Up Indexer
If the indexer appears to be stuck, first review the PHP error log to see if anything needs to be fixed before waking it up. The indexer can become stuck when customizations are not working as expected.