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Unlike Fuzzy Matches, LIKE Terms does not perform primitive spell checking at all. This is useful if you’re looking to allow partial matching of terms, without exposing close spelling variants which can cause performance issues in the wrong circumstances.

For example, you should use LIKE Terms instead of Fuzzy Matches if you’re looking to incorporate SKU searching and want to allow for partial term matches without exposing thousands of similarly “spelled” SKUs that would be included with Fuzzy Matches.



  • [Fix] Fixes PHP Warning


  • [Fix] Better handling of minimum character count
  • [New] New filter searchwp_like_wildcard_before allows control over partial matching before terms (default is true)
  • [New] New filter searchwp_like_wildcard_after allows control over partial matching after terms (default is true)
  • [Update] Updated updater


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented exclusive regex matches from being properly restricted


  • [Fix] Fixed a regression introduced in 2.4.2


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with multiple terms
  • [Update] Updated updater


  • [Fix] Better stemming support


  • [New] New filter searchwp_like_stem allows developers to restrict LIKE matches to the term(s) (as opposed to term(s) and stem(s))
  • [Improvement] Support for automatic updates based on your SearchWP license key


  • [Change] Also use keyword stems to find LIKE terms


  • [Change] No longer force-disable AND logic
  • [Change] Updated to the new filter structure


  • Initial release
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