Introducing Search Results Page That You Can Customize Without Code

The search results page is like the plate that serves dishes in a restaurant. If the presentation is bad, it ruins the mood, and the food tastes only half as good!

Similarly, a search results page presents the results returned by a search engine. That’s why a well-structured results page is crucial for your website.

Even if your search engine can find the right products or content, a poorly designed search results page might not display them properly. Making your visitors leave without discovering what they’re looking for, even though you have exactly what they need.

To help you overcome this, we present to you the Search Results Page in SearchWP! So, you can break the barrier to engagement and take your website to the next level!

Search Results Page In SearchWP – A New Experience!

The all-new search results page in SearchWP lets you provide better search results and take control of the look and feel of the page without writing a single line of code!

However, that’s not its only function! The SearchWP Search Results Page strikes a delicate balance between matching your website’s existing design while also giving you significant control over the look and appearance of the main elements of the page.

You can find the search results page setting by going to your website’s backend Dashboard > SearchWP > Templates.

pre-designed theme layouts for search results page

To customize the search results page easily, you have:

  • 6 pre-designed themes
  • 3 pagination styles
  • 2 layout styles
  • And countless styling combinations

Why Need Another Search Results Page In WordPress?

You already have a default search results page in WordPress, but it provides limited customization options and cannot showcase non-post content types such as authors, categories, or tags.

As such, by using the default search results page, you are preventing your visitors from finding crucial information. You can change that as well as improve the look and feel of your search results page according to your taste.

customizing options for search results page

Here are only a few ways how SearchWP’s new Search Results Page will help you, but the real implications are endless.

Free From WordPress Limitations

The SearchWP Search Results Page can show more types of content than the default search page. It can display entries like authors, categories, tags, and other taxonomies when used with the Supplemental Engine.

No Code Building and Customization

Your website is unique, so should your search results page be. To help you achieve that without writing code, SearchWP is offering 6 pre-designed layout themes for your search results page. You can also change colors, adjust layouts, and more with just a few clicks.

Better Shopping Experience

SearchWP lets you index WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads items. Now, with the new search results page, you will be able to show product information such as price and customize their appearances.

Future-Proof Implementation

As SearchWP evolves, so does your search results page. All new SearchWP features are guaranteed to automatically work with the Search Results Page. Ensuring your website stays up to date, so you don’t need to change anything as long as you’re using SearchWP.

The Bottom Line: Your Growth Awaits

Incorporating the SearchWP Search Results Page isn’t just about enhancing search functionality and making it look beautiful; it’s about elevating your entire website. It leads to better user engagement, increased conversions, and a noticeable boost in your website’s performance.

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