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Live Ajax Search v1.8.0 Revamped Thumbnail

Your favorite Live Ajax Search plugin just got a massive update! Quickly guiding users to the products or information they are searching for can significantly enhance the likelihood of conversion. Because users who can easily find what they need are more likely to purchase or take another desired action on the site. That’s what Live […]

Are you struggling to retain visitor attention on your website? Imagine you walked into a supermarket. Has it ever occurred to you that you went to buy one particular product but ended up buying a lot? That’s the power of upselling. It’s much easier to upsell to customers rather than attract them to the shop. […]

SearchWP makes your website search great with its ability to search all entries in categories and tags. Now, it gets even better with the addition of Taxonomy Source! Imagine a vast library where books are organized not just by titles or authors but also by themes, genres, and subjects. While good categorization helps with a […]

Introducing Search Results Page That You Can Customize Without Code

The search results page is like the plate that serves dishes in a restaurant. If the presentation is bad, it ruins the mood, and the food tastes only half as good! Similarly, a search results page presents the results returned by a search engine. That’s why a well-structured results page is crucial for your website. […]

Introducing Search Forms in SearchWP

The battle for attention on the internet is tough. The average visitor spends 47 seconds per page, and the bounce rate for websites falls somewhere between 39 – 72%, according to Contentsquare. People not being able to find what they are looking for is the leading cause of this abandonment. Businesses that fail to hook their customers within […]

SearchWP is Joining Awesome Motive

With over 30,000 websites, SearchWP is the leading WordPress search plugin on the market. Today, I’m extremely excited to share that SearchWP is joining the Awesome Motive family. Jon Christopher (founder of SearchWP) has done a phenomenal job in building the most advanced WordPress search plugin in the market. Started in 2013, SearchWP is one […]

In continuing the trend of making information about SearchWP 4 available, there are a couple of major things to outline in this post: Custom content support Proper Multisite global search These two changes have been a very popular feature request leading up to the release of SearchWP 4, it’s very exciting to announce their availability! […]

Version 4.0 of SearchWP is getting closer and closer! ? In preparation of the release there are some exciting updates to share. In this post we’ll cover the initial performance benchmarks that have been run to date. SearchWP’s primary operations are indexing and searching so those are the two benchmarks discussed in this post. Index […]

SearchWP was first released in August of 2013. It’s come a long way since then! Not only has SearchWP itself as a product matured and grown, I’ve learned a ton since writing that first version. Without waxing poetic about things of the past, I’m very excited to be able to share some preliminary information about […]

SearchWP’s Metrics Extension has been updated to version 1.0.9 and is a recommended update for all Metrics users. Here is the full changelog: [New] Added additional parameters hits_min, hits_max when retrieving popular search queries over time [Fix] Relocates hooks to make them more accessible to plugins [Fix] False positive when preventing duplicate click tracking

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