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How to Restrict WooCommerce Product Search to Title Only

Want to restrict product search in your WooCommerce store to product title only? Limiting product search to product title only helps your online store show more relevant results. This way, your store visitors will get to find specific products faster. In this post, we’ll show you how to restrict your WooCommerce product search to title […]

Add WooCommerce Search Form to Shop Page

Do you want to add a search form to your shop page in WooCommerce? Adding a powerful search form to your shop page will help your site visitors navigate your store faster and get the results they’re looking for. You can easily get more sales and boost customer satisfaction this way. In this article, we’ll […]

WordPress search by category

Trying to add search by category to your WordPress site? WordPress blog and product categories help you organize your site content. By letting your users search specific categories, you can help them find blog posts and pages faster. In this article, we’ll show you how to add the search by category feature to WordPress. Why […]

Add Custom WooCommerce Search Widget

Want to add a custom product search widget to WooCommerce? Adding a search widget to your online store helps your site visitors to find products faster. By doing this, you get to boost conversion and improve user experience. In this article, we’ll show you how to add a custom WooCommerce search widget the easy way. […]

Add WordPress Live Autocomplete Search

Do you want to add live autocomplete search to your WordPress site? Live autofill search helps your site visitors find posts, pages, and products faster. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t offer this feature by default. In this article, we’ll show you how to add live autocomplete search to your site using a WordPress plugin. What Is Live […]

SearchWP is Joining Awesome Motive

With over 30,000 websites, SearchWP is the leading WordPress search plugin on the market. Today, I’m extremely excited to share that SearchWP is joining the Awesome Motive family. Jon Christopher (founder of SearchWP) has done a phenomenal job in building the most advanced WordPress search plugin in the market. Started in 2013, SearchWP is one […]

In this release a few bugs were fixed having to do with highlighting in some cases. Additionally, the re/indexing process using WP CLI in a Multisite environment was revisited, resolving a few issues there as well. This update is recommended for all SearchWP license holders. Full changelog: [New] Consider Excerpt when performing quoted search [Fix] […]

[Fix] Global excerpt generation due to newline [Fix] Relevance minimum clause implementation [Fix] Prevent search suggestion output outside main query [Fix] Incorrect fields argument definition in some cases (caused FacetWP facets to not render in some cases) [Improvement] Highlight matching in some cases

Version 4.1.17 of SearchWP has been released and is a recommended update for all license holders. The integration with WP All Import has been refactored to be more stable and faster ?. The other change in 4.1.17 is the addition of the relevance() method on Mods. Mods are responsible for modifying SearchWP queries. Since SearchWP […]

Version 4.1.16 of SearchWP has been made available to all active license holders. There are a couple of new items in this release, along with optimizations, refinements, and a couple of bug fixes as well. This is recommended update for all SearchWP users. Changelog: 4.1.16 [New] searchwp\index\source\add_hooks filter to allow prevention of core hook implementation […]

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