A new Extension has been released! WooCommerce Product Table Integration integrates SearchWP and WooCommerce Product Table from Barn2 Plugins. WooCommerce Product Table is the easy way to speed up shopping by listing your products in a quick order form. The integration upgrades the basic search box which comes with WooCommerce Product Table so that your […]

Version 1.5.0 of SearchWP’s Live Ajax Search Extension has been released. This is a maintenance, bugfix, and translation update that’s recommended for all users. Live Ajax Search is a plugin that is openly available on and does not require SearchWP, automatic updates will be available within your WordPress Dashboard. Changelog: 1.5.0 Adds support for […]

In the first minor release of SearchWP since version 4 (which was a complete rewrite!) SearchWP 4.1 is now available to all active license holders. πŸŽ‰ This (minor) release is full of exciting changes, improvements, and bug fixes that all customers will significantly benefit from. The biggest changes to discuss are: Handling of Comments Refactoring […]

An effective on-site search solution has a direct impact on conversion rate in many cases. Check this out! Hey @SearchWP, interesting stat: we find users who do a site search have a 6X increased order conversion rate than those who don’t search…. this is also down to the search delivering the right results πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ — […]

Updates to SearchWP and SearchWP’s Shortcodes Extension are available now. There is a fix for a regression introduced in SearchWP 4.0.33 that has been moved to Shortcodes where the proper fix belongs. SearchWP changelog: [Fix] Fixes regression introduced by Shortcodes fix in 4.0.33 (proper fix in Shortcodes 1.8.2) [Update] Updated updater Shortcodes changelog: [Fix] Prevent […]

Version 4.0.33 of SearchWP is now available to all license holders. It is a bug fix and maintenance release that primarily resolves an issue with the indexer not progressing as expected in some cases, sometimes due to a parallel indexing process. Full changelog: [New] searchwp\swp_query\mods filter to add Mods to SWP_Query [Fix] PHP Warning introduced […]

SearchWP 4.0.32 has been made available for all active license holders. It is a bug fix and maintenance release and recommended update for everyone. Here’s the full changelog: [Fix] Duplicate indexer processes in some cases [Fix] Inaccurate batch size handling in some cases [Fix] Prevent redundant search suggestion output in some cases [Improvement] Post stati […]

Version 1.8.0 of Shortcodes has been released. There are three new Shortcodes available in this release! Full changelog: [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_results_paginate_links for paginated links [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_result_image for result Featured Image output [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_result_permalink for result permalink output [Update] Updated updater

SearchWP 4.0.31 is a bug fix release recommended for all active license holders. [Improvement] Adds NOT IN option to Media File Type Rule [Improvement] Debug HTML comment block output during Admin requests [Fix] Custom Attribute Options not returning proper Label after saving [Fix] Relocate searchwp\query\search_string hook to fire earlier [Fix] Issue when performing cross-site Multisite […]

[Fix] UI changes introduced by WordPres 5.5 [Fix] Global excerpt generation from search suggestions [Fix] Synonym migration from SearchWP 3.x

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