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Version 1.0.3 of Metrics has been released. It is primarily a performance release and is recommended to all Metrics users. Full changelog:

  • [Improvement] Improves performance when generating Insights
  • [New] Settings button now has its own capability
  • [New] New filter searchwp_metrics_capability_settings to modify the Settings button capability


Version 1.1.4 of Term Archive Priority has been made available to all active license holders. Full changelog:

  • [New] New filter searchwp_term_archive_term_args
  • [Improvement] Better support for Live Ajax Search searches
  • [Update] Updated updater

SearchWP’s Related extension has been updated to version 1.1. There is now a Widget available should you choose to take advantage of that, but please know that the Widget is for placement only, the template loader is still in full effect and responsible for display of the related entries.

Full changelog:

  • [New] Adds Widget
  • [New] New hooks to control meta box placement searchwp_related_meta_box_context and searchwp_related_meta_box_priority

Version 2.1.14 of Term Highlight has been made available to all active license holders. Full changelog:

  • [Fix] Fixes an issue where highlighting was applied when no search term was provided
  • [Fix] Restricts global excerpt generation according to applicable meta keys only
  • [Improvement] Better highlighting when terms are flanked with punctuation

SearchWP 2.9.14 has been released and is a recommended update to all active license holders. This release prefaces a new Extension that will be released shortly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • [Fix] Fixes false positive error message relating to HTTP Basic Authentication
  • [Fix] Resolves an issue preventing translations from loading as expected
  • [Change] Algorithm SQL has been updated to be more specific when considering Custom Fields and Taxonomies
  • [New] New filter searchwp_dashboard_widget_transient_ttl that allows for customization of cache duration of Dashboard Widget data

SearchWP version 2.9.13 has been released. It is a maintenance and bug fix release that corrects both a statistics issue and better handles a couple of edge cases. Full changelog:

  • [Fix] Prevent redundant statistics logging on paginated results when using SWP_Query
  • [Fix] Better handling of taxonomy terms with special characters
  • [Fix] Fixes PHP Warning and PHP Notice in certain cases

SearchWP version 2.9.12 fixes an issue with AND logic not always yielding properly restricted results. This release also includes a few bug fixes and is recommended to all active license holders.

Full changelog:

  • [Improvement] Index better optimized when limiting to Media mime type
  • [Improvement] AND logic is more restrictive when applicable
  • [Improvement] Better handling of license key when provided via constant or filter
  • [Update] Updates translation source
  • [Fix] Fixes inaccurate indexer progress in some cases
  • [Fix] Fixes handling of All Documents mime type Media limiter
  • [Fix] Fixes PHP Warning

Version 2.9.11 of SearchWP has been made available to all active license holders. The changelog is as follows:

  • [Improvement] Additional index optimization when delta updates are applied via new filter searchwp_aggressive_delta_update
  • [Improvement] Debug output cleanup
  • [Fix] Implements omitted filter argument

Note: version 2.9.9 was hotfixed shortly after release and is superseded by 2.9.10.

SearchWP version 2.9.10 introduces a few changes to some of SearchWP’s hooks and also improves the general usability of the settings screen. Full changelog:

  • [Fix] Resolves an issue where AND logic wasn’t strict enough in some cases
  • [Fix] Relocated searchwp_indexer_pre action trigger to restore expected behavior
  • [Improvement] Additional refinements to delta update queue processing to prevent excessive server resource usage in some cases
  • [Improvement] Adds edit icon to supplemental engine name to communicate it is editable
  • [Change] License key is no longer displayed in license key field if populated via constant or hook
  • [New] New filter searchwp_engine_use_taxonomy_name that controls displaying name or label of Taxonomies in enging settings
  • [New] New filter searchwp_and_fields_{$post_type} allowing for AND field customization per post type
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