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Version 2.8.7 Now Available

February 14, 2017 in

SearchWP version 2.8.7 is now available to all active license holders with a few quick fixes, improvements, and an improved updater library. Full changelog:


  • [Fix] Fixed missing tooltip content
  • [Improvement] Using searchwp_admin_bar now applies to search modification notices
  • [Improvement] License key now included in System Information
  • [New] Taxonomy term slugs are now indexed (use searchwp_indexer_taxonomy_term_index_slug to disable)
  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_taxonomy_term allowing for filtration on taxonomy terms prior to indexing
  • [Update] Updated updater

This update is recommended for all active license holders, have a great day!

SearchWP version 2.8.6 is now available for all active license holders. This is a bug fix and maintenance release and is recommended for all SearchWP customers. Version 2.8.6 was quickly released after version 2.8.5 to fix a bug with empty searches.

Full changelogs:


  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with imposed engine config implementation for empty searches


  • [New] Engine settings (e.g. exclusions/inclusions) are now imposed for empty searches
  • [New] New filter searchwp_disable_impose_engine_config to disable imposed engine settings for empty searches
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that may have triggered unnecessary index update requests
  • [Improvement] Style updates to better match WordPress’ implementation of system font
  • [Improvement] Better handling of indexer requests
  • [Improvement] Better support when Admin/Dashboard searches are enabled
  • [Improvement] Better utilization of existing extracted document content when triggering an index rebuild
  • [Improvement] Better feedback when document parsing dependencies are not available
  • [Update] Added more file type limiters to engine settings
  • [Update] Updated translation sources
  • [Update] Updated updater

Version 2.8.4 primarily fixes an issue with admin-enabled searching. This update is available to all active license holders.

Full changelog:

  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_comment to filter comment arguments during indexing
  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_pre_get_comments to filter comment arguments during indexing
  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_comments_args to filter comment arguments during indexing
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that prevented searching in the WordPress admin (when enabled)

SearchWP version 2.8.3 is now available to all active license holders. This a bugfix and maintenance release that is recommended for everyone. Here’s the full changelog:

  • [New] New filter searchwp_search_args to filter search arguments at runtime
  • [Improvement] Better handling of object caching
  • [Improvement] Better messaging when rebuilding index
  • [Improvement] Dequeue/deregister legacy versions of select2 that are imposed upon SearchWP’s settings screen
  • [Improvement] Better handling of regex matches
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented the indexer progress bar from displaying after rebuilding index
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that may have prevented manually edited document content from being fully re-indexed
  • [Fix] Fixed PHP Warning during short circuit check
  • [Fix] Disabling the minimum character count reduces length to 1 instead of 2

SearchWP version 2.8.2 has just been released for all active license holders. This is a bug fix and maintenance release that’s recommended for everyone.

Full changelog:

  • [Fix] Fixed a mime type mismatch that prevented accurate Media limiting using All Documents file type
  • [Fix] Admin Bar and Advanced tab indexer pausing now use the same setting
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue when checking for utf8mb4 support
  • [Improvement] Improved regex pattern for hyphen-separated matches
  • [Improvement] Improved aggressiveness of search algorithm where necessary to prevent unexpected filtration during searches
  • [Update] Updated updater


SearchWP version 2.8 was just released for all active license holders! Version 2.8 focused on two things:

  1. Improving document support
  2. Improving the settings screen

There were also some other smaller bug fixes as well.

Improved document processing

Since day one SearchWP supported the extraction and indexing of PDF and plain text content. Version 2.8 broadens document support to include:

  • Plain text
  • CSV
  • Rich text (RTF)
  • PDFs (that have readable text*)
  • Office Documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, NOT.doc)
  • OpenOffice Documents (.odt, .ods, .odp)

Supporting Office documents was an often requested feature, so I’m really happy it’s now available. Along with this feature update comes improved documentation for the feature as a whole in the form of a few new KB articles:

Document Processing in SearchWP — Find out in detail how document processing is implemented and how you can take advantage of it.

Customizing parsed content — You have complete control over parsed document content, and you can customize it if you’d like.

Linking to file instead of Attachment page — Many theme’s do not account for Attachment templates, and it often makes sense to link directly to the file as a result.

Attributing Post Parent — SearchWP allows you to attribute keyword weight to the post parent, which is very useful when handling documents in search results.

“SearchWP Failed to Index X Posts” — SearchWP’s document processing can sometimes cause a post to fail to index. Find out common causes and fixes in this KB article.

Along with additional document types, SearchWP’s handling of larger documents has been improved as well. Document processing has proven to be a very important feature of SearchWP and I’m happy to have improved support in version 2.8!

Improved settings screen

The settings screen for SearchWP is one of it’s most powerful features. The goal is to make it as usable as possible for everyone. Until version 2.8 the Advanced tab was severely lacking, somewhat by design. I’ve always tried to avoid adding interface elements unless completely necessary and in version 2.8 it was time to make a few changes.

The Advanced tab of the SearchWP settings screen now makes it easier to utilize common actions and toggle often used settings:


The Actions meta box now contains the most common operations you may need to take when working with SearchWP. The Settings meta box includes the most commonly used settings after analyzing a few years worth of support tickets. These Settings do nothing more than provide a UI for their equivalent Hook, but adding them here should make it much easier for you to work with.

New documentation for Settings has also been added.

Other improvements

The translation source has been updated, so if you’re able to provide a translation please don’t hesitate to contact me please! Other optimizations on the Settings screen have been implemented such as offloading taxonomy exclusion requests to be processed in real time (instead of loaded with the Settings screen itself) and admin searches are now properly working for Media within Grid view.

Full changelog for version 2.8:

  • [New] Document parsing support added for Office documents (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
  • [New] Document parsing support added for OpenOffice/LibreOffice documents (.odt, .ods, .odp)
  • [New] Document parsing support added for Rich Text documents
  • [New] Settings screen update to better accommodate common actions
  • [New] Improve settings screen performance by requesting taxonomy terms via AJAX
  • [Fix] When searchwp_in_admin is enabled searching in Grid view for Media now works as expected
  • [Improvement] Better handling of large content (including parsed documents)
  • [Update] Updated translation source
  • [Update] Updated select2

A new Extension has just been made available to all active license holders: Co-Authors Plus Integration

Co-Authors Plus is a plugin built and maintained by Automattic that allows you to define multiple Authors for your content. This extension will index and make searchable all multiple Authors.

If you’re a fan of Co-Authors Plus and want to account for multiple Authors in your SearchWP-provided search results, this extension will get you up and running instantly.

SearchWP version 2.7.1 is now available to all active license holders. This is a maintenance release that includes a number of bug fixes that will benefit all installations of SearchWP.

Some underlying work has been done to the way stats are retrieved, it’s part of the groundwork being laid for an Advanced Metrics extension I’ve been thinking about. With this update comes a fix for inaccurate stats counts on the Dashboard Widget.

If you have any ideas for features you’d like to see in an Advanced Metrics extension, I’d love to hear!

Advanced Metrics Idea Submission

  • By submitting, you agree to receive email regarding this extension
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Another fix has been put in place that resolves an issue with multiple SWP_Query‘s on a single page.

Full changelog:

  • [Fix] Cleaned up PHP Warning in SWP_Query
  • [Fix] Fixed positioning of Extensions dropdown, other minor style updates
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue with SWP_Query not resetting set hooks causing inaccurate results
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where Alternate Indexer may report posts left to index when no post types are enabled
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where AND logic pass was too restrictive in some circumstances
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue when limiting Media results to Images only throwing a PHP Warning
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that caused some WP Admin notices to not display
  • [Improvement] Refactored some stats logic into SearchWP_Stats
  • [Update] Updated translation source

As of March 4, 2016 licenses will automatically renew

As of March 4, 2016 there will be a slight change to the purchase terms for SearchWP.

Automatic renewals for license keys

To date, SearchWP licenses expire on an annual basis. Notifications are sent out leading up to the expiration date and customers are given the option to renew their license for another year at a discounted rate. An active license entitles customers to support, automatic updates, and extension downloads.

Having to manually renew the license is a burden placed on SearchWP customers. On March 4, new purchases of a SearchWP license will be enrolled in an auto-renewing subscription.

For customers who do not wish to automatically renew their license the subscription can be cancelled from your Account page at any time.


If you have a license that was purchased prior to March 4, 2016 please read the following:

Your existing license will not automatically renew unless you extend your license manually.

If you choose to renew your license, your subscription will begin today and you will be charged the renewal price today and license expiration date will then be pushed out one year from it’s original date.

One year from today, you will be charged again based on your active subscription. Your license expiration will again be pushed out another year. This cycle will continue until you cancel your subscription.

In other words: when you renew your license, you will be charged on the date dictated by your subscription, and your license date will be further pushed into the future.

Even though these dates may not match, your license date will always extend further than your subscription, so if you do cancel your subscription, your license will remain active until it’s original expiration date, even though your subscription is inactive.

TL;DR: Your subscription date will now be the date you are charged for SearchWP, not the license expiration date, but the license will remain active until it’s expiration even if you cancel your subscription.



Will existing license keys be made to automatically renew?

No. There will be no changes made to existing customers licenses.

Can I update my license to automatically renew?

Yes! To implement auto-renewal on your license simply visit your Account page and renew or extend your license. Once checkout is complete your license will automatically renew at the proper time.

What if I do not want a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time after purchase. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire at the proper date. Once expired you will no longer receive support, updates, or have access to extension downloads. You can manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.

I have more questions!

By all means please contact me.

Version 2.7 now available

January 19, 2016 in

SearchWP version 2.7 is now available for all active license holders. It is a recommended upgrade that brings improvements in a number of areas. A couple of my favorite updates include:

A new filter searchwp_weight_mods that allows you to inject your own real-time weight modifications to the search algorithm. Now if you want to have more recent publish dates add more weight to results you can do it! In fact a new KB article has been posted showing you just how to do that:

Another nice update is how SearchWP handles keyword stemming. Out of the box SearchWP only supports keyword stemming, but until version 2.7 the checkbox to enable stemming was always visible on the settings screen. In many foreign languages the feature simply didn’t work as expected. As of version 2.7, SearchWP now checks for stemming support as per the locale of your WordPress install, and if it doesn’t find one the checkbox is omitted. There is a growing library of stemmer extensions available, and if stemming is not available in your language please let me know! If you’ve built your own stemmer please have a look at the docs for searchwp_keyword_stem_locale.

Regex whitelist matching has been improved, accented characters are better handled, and other small improvements around out the updates in this release. I hope you enjoy SearchWP!

Full changelog:

  • [New] New filter searchwp_weight_mods allowing for direct manipulation of computed weights within the search algorithm
  • [New] New filter searchwp_license_key to programmatically define SearchWP license key
  • [New] SearchWP license key can now be defined with SEARCHWP_LICENSE_KEY constant
  • [New] New filter searchwp_initial_engine_settings to programmatically define default engine configurations on activation
  • [New] New filter searchwp_keyword_stem_locale to enable keyword stemming in the current locale
  • [New] Support for 'fields' => 'ids' argument in SWP_Query
  • [New] Support for post_type argument in SWP_Query
  • [New] New filter searchwp_purge_pdf_content to remove parsed PDF content during an index purge
  • [New] New filter searchwp_skip_vendor_libs to prevent loading of any vendor libraries
  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_taxonomy_terms allowing for filtration of taxonomy terms pre-index
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches could have been too greedy
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where a filtered post type could not be enabled in engine settings
  • [Fix] Use multibyte string manipulation when possible
  • [Fix] PHP Warning cleanup
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where the indexer progress bar may not display in WordPress 4.4+
  • [Improvement] Better handling of matches when taking advantage of searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches
  • [Improvement] Improved handling of deeply serialized meta data
  • [Improvement] Reduced indexer query overhead
  • [Improvement] Keyword stemming is only available if the current locale supports it (if you are using a custom stemmer you will need to update)
  • [Improvement] Less aggressive checks against failed PDF parsing that generated false positive results
  • [Improvement] Better handling of unicode whitespace during PDF parsing
  • [Change] Debug log is now written to searchwp-debug.txt in the base uploads directory
  • [Change] Parsed PDF content is not removed when the index is purged
  • [Update] Updated PDF parsing library
  • [Update] Updated updater
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