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SearchWP 4.0.32 has been made available for all active license holders. It is a bug fix and maintenance release and recommended update for everyone.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • [Fix] Duplicate indexer processes in some cases
  • [Fix] Inaccurate batch size handling in some cases
  • [Fix] Prevent redundant search suggestion output in some cases
  • [Improvement] Post stati validation when parent attribution is enabled
  • [Improvement] Attachment status handling over time
  • [New] RAND(seed) support by suffixing random Mod order_by with a colon and seed e.g. random:10 will be RAND(10)

Version 1.8.0 of Shortcodes has been released. There are three new Shortcodes available in this release! Full changelog:

  • [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_results_paginate_links for paginated links
  • [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_result_image for result Featured Image output
  • [New] New Shortcode searchwp_search_result_permalink for result permalink output
  • [Update] Updated updater

SearchWP 4.0.31 Now Available

September 22, 2020 in

SearchWP 4.0.31 is a bug fix release recommended for all active license holders.

  • [Improvement] Adds NOT IN option to Media File Type Rule
  • [Improvement] Debug HTML comment block output during Admin requests
  • [Fix] Custom Attribute Options not returning proper Label after saving
  • [Fix] Relocate searchwp\query\search_string hook to fire earlier
  • [Fix] Issue when performing cross-site Multisite search
  • [Fix] searchwp\query\tokens\limit default value
  • [New] Action searchwp\query\core_mods_out_of_bounds fires when core Mods are considered out of bounds
  • [Fix] UI changes introduced by WordPres 5.5
  • [Fix] Global excerpt generation from search suggestions
  • [Fix] Synonym migration from SearchWP 3.x

Version 4.0.29 of SearchWP is available to all active license holders. This is a maintenance and bug fix release that includes the following changes:

  • [Fix] Token handling in some cases
  • [Fix] Document content handling when using alternate indexer in some cases
  • [Improvement] Tokenization of HTML in some cases
  • [New] searchwp\entry\update_data\before action fired before Entry data is retrieved
  • [Update] Bundle dependencies

The release cycle since SearchWP 4 became publicly available has been quite busy. Things have slowed a bit over the past couple of weeks and will continue to do so as the dust settles. The response to SearchWP 4 has been fantastic, thank you for that!

SearchWP 4.0.28 brings some small but important improvements regarding the performance of SearchWP’s maintenance operations in keeping the index up to date. It is a recommended update for all SearchWP 4 users.


  • [Fix] Prevent inapplicable comment edit events from triggering delta updates
  • [Improvement] Reduced index method checks
  • [Improvement] Reactivity when observing meta updates
  • [Fix] File Content meta box display in some cases
  • [Fix] Entries not being reintroduced after failing when using alternate indexer
  • [Fix] Display of Source Attribute Options when statically defined
  • [Fix] UI display edge cases
  • [Change] Token handling chunked in more cases so as to avoid issues when hosts limit query character length
  • [Fix] Handling of SWP_Query tax_query argument
  • [New] Advanced setting checkbox to control whether stored document content is purged and re-indexed during index rebuilds
  • [Update] Translation source

Note: SearchWP 4 is a full rewrite, which will bring with it a number of rapid patch releases in the short term. Apologies for the overall number of updates, but the goal is to get fixes in your hands as soon as possible.

This can be annoying at times and I’m sorry for that, but the frequency of updates will decrease as more edge cases are discovered, reported, and resolved. I appreciate your patience, thank you!


  • [Fix] Handling of PDF metadata that includes invalid characters
  • [Fix] Searching of hierarchical post types in the Admin
  • [Improvement] Performance when handling documents outside the indexing process
  • [Update] Bundle dependencies
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