Version 4.1.15 is now available to all active license holders, and it’s a recommended update with bug fixes and improvements.

In this version the handling of synonym partial matches has changed. Previously, synonyms would receive partial matching if the main partial match feature has been enabled.

That solution worked well in most cases, but over time it was discovered that it was problematic at times resulting in synonym application that was either too strict or too loose.

As a result, synonym partial matching is now explicitly opt-in by adding a wildcard character (*) where applicable in your synonym search term(s). This will allow for more purposeful, granular control over partial matching when processing your synonyms.

Additionally two bugs were fixed having to do with global excerpt generation and AND logic application in some cases.

Full changelog:

  • [Change] Partial matching in synonyms has been changed, to apply partial matching add a * wildcard where partial matching should be applied
  • [Change] As of version 4.1 Comments are now a separate Source (if you are using Comments for any Post Type Source you will need to edit your Engine and rebuild your index, this is not done automatically and should be planned for when updating)
  • [Fix] Global excerpt generation in some cases
  • [Fix] Regression introduced in 4.1.12 that prevented results in some cases when setting AND logic to be strict

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