Version 4.1.17 of SearchWP has been released and is a recommended update for all license holders. The integration with WP All Import has been refactored to be more stable and faster ?.

The other change in 4.1.17 is the addition of the relevance() method on Mods. Mods are responsible for modifying SearchWP queries.

Since SearchWP 4 was released a weight() method was available which facilitated manipulation of the calculated weight per search result. This method was integrated into the search algorithm that also accounted for how many times a search term appeared. Using the weight() method, your modification would also be influenced by the occurrence of search terms.

The relevance() method applies to the overall relevance calculation, allowing for a more consistent modification application without being influenced by the number of search term occurrences found. This improves relevance modifications in many cases such as:

If you are using any of those modifications you are welcome to update to the relevance() method after updating to SearchWP 4.1.17 if you’d like.

Any usage of weight() will continue to operate as it has since SearchWP 4 was released.

Full changelog:


  • [New] Added relevance() method to Mods to allow additional manipulation of relevance calculation during searches
  • [Improvement] Refactored WP All Import integration
  • [Fix] Character encoding when finding global excerpts in some cases

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