Version 1.9 has just been made available to all active license holders. It is a recommended update for everyone as there have been significant improvements with performance both concerning the indexer and the search algorithm. The changes are low level, so you are encouraged to purge your index and reindex if that is feasible. The indexer updates will reduce overhead allowing for better performance. There are also a few new filters to utilize, and a number of other refinements I hope you enjoy!

With one of the new filters in place it’s now possible to Use a Custom Field to Prioritize Search Results

Full changelog:

  • [New] You can now ignore queries from Search Stats (to help avoid spam getting in the way)
  • [New] Term Whitelisting: you can now define regex patterns and in doing so better retain specially formatted terms (e.g. dates, phone numbers, function names) in the index that otherwise would have been stripped of punctuation
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_query_orderby allows open-ended customization of the ORDER BY clause of the main search query
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_force_run allows developers the ability to force SearchWP to run no matter what
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_leinant_accents allowing for ‘lazy’ quotes (e.g. searches without quotes will find terms with quotes)
  • [Improvement] PHP Error cleanup
  • [Improvement] Revisited index table indices, they’re now better optimized which should result in noticeable performance improvements
  • [Improvement] Load monitoring has been removed as it proved to be holding back the indexer resulting in delayed index times
  • [Improvement] Attachment indexing has been disabled by default to save the (significant) overhead, but it will enable itself if any of your search engine settings incorporate Media
  • [Improvement] Refined the number of posts indexed per indexer passed, as always this can be filtered
  • [Improvement] Reduced the information overload present in the debug log, allowing for easier scanning for issues
  • [Improvement] Offloaded AJAX handlers to minimize footprint and impact on the indexer
  • [Improvement] Fixed overflow issues on the Search Stats page
  • [Improvement] Informational notice linking directly to more information on Filters having everything to do with indexer configuration
  • [Improvement] Better detection of parallel indexer processes running that could have resulted in duplicate indexing
  • [Improvement] Indexer pause/unpause has been re-named enable/disable to reduce confusion
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where update notifications wouldn’t show up in the Network Administration on Multisite

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