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SearchWP’s Related extension has been updated to version 1.1. There is now a Widget available should you choose to take advantage of that, but please know that the Widget is for placement only, the template loader is still in full effect and responsible for display of the related entries. Full changelog: [New] Adds Widget [New] […]

Version 2.1.14 of Term Highlight has been made available to all active license holders. Full changelog: [Fix] Fixes an issue where highlighting was applied when no search term was provided [Fix] Restricts global excerpt generation according to applicable meta keys only [Improvement] Better highlighting when terms are flanked with punctuation

SearchWP 2.9 brings a completely revamped settings UI. The interface updates also afforded the ability to make optimizations in other areas as well. This article aims to outline what’s new! The settings UI continues on the premise that there is a Default search engine used for native WordPress searches. Along with the Default engine any […]

SearchWP allows you to ignore search queries when it comes to running Statistics. Use this tool to un-ignore accidentally ignored queries! Find out more about SearchWP Manage Ignored

A new Extension has been released and is available to all active license holders: Enable Media Replace Integration This Extension better integrates SearchWP’s indexing process with Enable Media Replace so as to ensure content in SearchWP’s index is kept up to date when Media is replaced.

SearchWP’s integration Extension for WP Job Manager has been updated to version 1.5.8. It brings an important compatibility update which is recommended for all SearchWP license holders. Full changelog: [Fix] Compatibility fix for WP Job Manager [Update] Updated updater

SearchWP version 2.8.8 is now available to all active license holders. It is a recommended update with a number of bug fixes and some other improvements that will positively affect how SearchWP runs for you. Full changelog: [New] New filter searchwp_pre_set_post allowing for filtration of each post object prior to indexing [Fix] Better interoperation with […]

A new Pro Extension has been released: Related. You can now use SearchWP to power a related content system on your site! SearchWP knows¬†a lot about the content on your site. Showing visitors related content can help extend their stay by exposing entries related to the one currently on display. If you’re currently using another […]

WooCommerce Integration 1.1.12 has just been released and is a recommended update for all active license holders. This is a quick bugfix release that resolves an issue concerning WooCommerce Layered Navigation Widgets in WooCommerce 3.0. Full changelog: [Fix] Fixed an issue that may have prevented proper results from showing when using WooCommerce Layered Navigation Widgets

WooCommerce Integration has been updated to version 1.1.11 and is a recommended update for all active license holders. It’s a maintenance release that includes fixes for Product visibility settings and other small improvements. Full changelog: [New] New filter searchwp_woocommerce_forced to force WooCommerce Integration to apply [Improved] Better consideration of product visibility [Improved] Better handling of […]

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