This Documentation is for SearchWP Version 3

Available since: 2.9.11


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SearchWP will automatically maintain its index over time as the content of your site changes. It accomplishes this by maintaining a list of edits and using SearchWP’s background process to clean up the index and reindex content when applicable.

Depending on how your website changes over time (e.g. a post type is removed, engine exclusions are added) the indexer may not know that some content can be removed from the index as the triggers are no longer taking place.

Using this hook you can apply a more aggressive index delta update if you’d like. This feature of SearchWP is opt-in as it does introduce more overhead when maintaining the index. Further, the circumstances to warrant this more aggressive delta update are not common.

// Tell SearchWP to more aggressively apply delta updates to the index.
add_filter( 'searchwp_aggressive_delta_update', '__return_true' );
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Parameter Type Description
$aggressive Boolean

Whether aggressive delta updates should take place