Version 1.3.2 includes a quick fix to an issue with the deferred index updates introduced in 1.3.1. There is also an important logic change that you should know about.

Through version 1.3.1 SearchWP used what can essentially be considered OR logic for searches. As of version 1.3.2 that logic has been switched to AND for a number of reasons. The two big reasons are:

1) Performance – Using AND logic results in queries running exponentially faster.

2) User expectation – Depending on how you set up your keyword weights, OR logic can sometimes lead to a loss of relevance in your results.

As a result of those two nagging issues, SearchWP will now default to AND logic with search queries, and fall back to OR should there be no results with AND.

If you would like to revert to OR logic you can quickly do so by adding the following to your functions.php:

add_filter( 'searchwp_and_logic', '__return_false' );


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