Version 1.9.5 rolls in the updates in the bugfix releases from 1.9.2. The focus in these releases was reworking the settings/options storage to use fewer options overall and reduce the number of database calls. Some other small fixes were included (CSS updates). 1.9.5 also utilizes the Heartbeat API to dynamically update the Last Indexed time in the Admin Bar.



  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where searchwp_in_admin may not properly hijack search results in the WordPress admin as desired
  • [Improvement] Only return results from the post type being viewed when searchwp_in_admin is enabled and performing a search
  • [Improvement] Additional optimization and segmentation of settings where appropriate to prevent potential collision
  • [Improvement] Use the Heartbeat API to dynamically update the Last Indexed time when on post edit screens


  • [Fix] Fixed a CSS rendering issue in Firefox on the Search Stats page
  • [Improvement] Hardened settings getting and setting mechanism
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_show_conflict_notices allows you to force-hide any conflict warnings generated by SearchWP

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