The big feature for version 2.0 is Shortcode processing which has been implemented in such a way that you can blanket-enable it for post content and all Custom Fields with a single filter, or you can conditionally process your Shortcodes on a per-post basis. The Hooks documentation will be updated to outline what that looks like soon.

There are a few more filters which give even more fine-grained control over indexing, searching, and maintenance including the ability to programmatically tell SearchWP to Nuke on Delete. PLEASE NOTE that the filter value takes precedence over the setting as it’s designed for admins.

A number of improvements have been made to the experience of using SearchWP, including the ability to restore dismissed conflict notices if you mistakingly hid them, some UI updates, better exposure of Search Statistics, and other small enhancements.

There are also bugfixes. PHP Warning cleanup, fixed improper handling of using a weight of -1 to forcefully exclude matches for that content type, and other small bugfixes.

Version 2.0 is a recommended update for all active license holders. Enjoy!

Full changelog

  • [New] Shortcode processing: SearchWP can now process your Shortcodes in a number of ways
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_do_shortcode allows you to conditionally tell SearchWP to process all Shortcodes
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_set_post allows you to modify each post object prior to indexing, allowing for conditional processing of Shortcodes and more
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_nuke_on_delete to trigger Nuke on Delete (overrides setting!)
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches to force the indexer to prevent indexing exploded regex matches
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_omit_meta_key_{custom_field_key} allowing for per-key conditional exclusion of post meta when indexing
  • [Improvement] Refined regex whitelist pattern for matching hyphen-separated-strings
  • [Improvement] The indexer no longer strips regex matches but instead retains them to better facilitate partial matches
  • [Improvement] Better language for action/conflict notices
  • [Improvement] You can now restore dismissed action/conflict notices in case you want to view them again
  • [Improvement] Slight update to the settings UI (better active tab contrast, lessened border radii)
  • [Improvement] Better exposure of Statistics feature
  • [Improvement] Uninstallation routine now better respects multisite environment
  • [Improvement] You can now exclude by terms that have not been used yet
  • [Improvement] Better default exclusion of internal metadata when indexing
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where regex whitelist matches were not extracted from supplemental search queries during sanitization
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue that might result in duplication of terms that are integers in the index
  • [Fix] Fixed a potential issue (during updates) where Supplemental search engine labels would inadvertently have their first letter converted to an ‘A’
  • [Fix] Redundant preparation of search terms when checking for exclusions by weight of –1
  • [Fix] PHP Warning cleanup

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