Version 2.4 is now available to all active license holders and brings a number of improvements! SearchWP will now check for HTTP Basic Authentication and provide instructions on how to integrate the two:

SearchWP HTTP Basic Auth detection

A Dashboard Widget has also been added to provide a quick overview of recent search patterns:

SearchWP Dashboard Widget

A System Information panel has been added to the Advanced settings screen (link at the bottom right of the main settings screen) which will help me a lot with support requests:

SearchWP System Information panel

There are also a few other small fixes and improvements in this version, full changelog:

  • [New] SearchWP will now detect whether you’re using HTTP Basic Authentication
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_basic_auth_creds allowing developers to define HTTP Basic Authentication credentials
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_query_select_inject allowing developers the ability to inject their own statements into the main search query, allowing for extensive customization of results display beyond keyword weights
  • [New] Search Statistics Dashboard Widget
  • [New] New Filter: searchwp_dashboard_widget allowing developers to disable the Search Statistics Dashboard Widget
  • [New] System Information panel (on the Advanced settings screen) to ease support
  • [Improvement] Better handling of searchwp_indexer_enabled when used at the same time as searchwp_indexer_paused
  • [Improvement] Better handling of accented characters
  • [Fix] Force transient deletion
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where keyword stemming may have not been appropriately applied
  • [Change] Conflict notices are now only displayed when debugging is enabled

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