SearchWP version 2.7 is now available for all active license holders. It is a recommended upgrade that brings improvements in a number of areas. A couple of my favorite updates include:

A new filter searchwp_weight_mods that allows you to inject your own real-time weight modifications to the search algorithm. Now if you want to have more recent publish dates add more weight to results you can do it! In fact a new KB article has been posted showing you just how to do that:

Another nice update is how SearchWP handles keyword stemming. Out of the box SearchWP only supports keyword stemming, but until version 2.7 the checkbox to enable stemming was always visible on the settings screen. In many foreign languages the feature simply didn’t work as expected. As of version 2.7, SearchWP now checks for stemming support as per the locale of your WordPress install, and if it doesn’t find one the checkbox is omitted. There is a growing library of stemmer extensions available, and if stemming is not available in your language please let me know! If you’ve built your own stemmer please have a look at the docs for searchwp_keyword_stem_locale.

Regex whitelist matching has been improved, accented characters are better handled, and other small improvements around out the updates in this release. I hope you enjoy SearchWP!

Full changelog:

  • [New] New filter searchwp_weight_mods allowing for direct manipulation of computed weights within the search algorithm
  • [New] New filter searchwp_license_key to programmatically define SearchWP license key
  • [New] SearchWP license key can now be defined with SEARCHWP_LICENSE_KEY constant
  • [New] New filter searchwp_initial_engine_settings to programmatically define default engine configurations on activation
  • [New] New filter searchwp_keyword_stem_locale to enable keyword stemming in the current locale
  • [New] Support for 'fields' => 'ids' argument in SWP_Query
  • [New] Support for post_type argument in SWP_Query
  • [New] New filter searchwp_purge_pdf_content to remove parsed PDF content during an index purge
  • [New] New filter searchwp_skip_vendor_libs to prevent loading of any vendor libraries
  • [New] New filter searchwp_indexer_taxonomy_terms allowing for filtration of taxonomy terms pre-index
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches could have been too greedy
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where a filtered post type could not be enabled in engine settings
  • [Fix] Use multibyte string manipulation when possible
  • [Fix] PHP Warning cleanup
  • [Fix] Fixed an issue where the indexer progress bar may not display in WordPress 4.4+
  • [Improvement] Better handling of matches when taking advantage of searchwp_exclusive_regex_matches
  • [Improvement] Improved handling of deeply serialized meta data
  • [Improvement] Reduced indexer query overhead
  • [Improvement] Keyword stemming is only available if the current locale supports it (if you are using a custom stemmer you will need to update)
  • [Improvement] Less aggressive checks against failed PDF parsing that generated false positive results
  • [Improvement] Better handling of unicode whitespace during PDF parsing
  • [Change] Debug log is now written to searchwp-debug.txt in the base uploads directory
  • [Change] Parsed PDF content is not removed when the index is purged
  • [Update] Updated PDF parsing library
  • [Update] Updated updater

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