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Installing SearchWP follows the same protocol of any WordPress plugin. When you purchase SearchWP, you will receive a link to download the latest version. You can either upload that ZIP file within the WordPress admin or upload via FTP and activate SearchWP.


Once activated, you’ll notice a button on the SearchWP settings screen allowing you to enter your site license and activate it.

SearchWP License button

After activation

Once activated, the initial index will be built in the background. This may take some time. The SearchWP Settings page (found in Settings > SearchWP) will present a progress bar indicating progress:

SearchWP indexer progress bar

If you have many PDFs in your Media section, the progress meter may appear to be stalled for a few minutes, but will likely jump up a bit when PDFs have been processed.

Once indexing has completed, SearchWP is fully operational. It does not require any further action on your part. Default WordPress searches are hijacked by SearchWP and it’s results are injected into WordPress’ native search routine.

You do not need to edit your search forms, your search results page, search Widgets, or anything. Upon activation, SearchWP will build a default set of settings that match what WordPress default search would have included insofar as post types and the like.

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