Version 4 Documentation

License Activation Problems

If you are having trouble activating your license please take the following steps before opening a new ticket.

Ensure it is the proper license key

Your license key is available in your Account by clicking the Purchases tab, followed by the View Licenses link:

View your license key

You can then click the key icon to display your license key, clicking the license key will highlight the entire key, and you can copy it to your clipboard to be pasted in your license activation field

Display your license key by clicking the key icon


If you retrieved your license from your payment receipt, please ensure that you are not using your receipt key in place of your license key.

Confirm active sites

You can manage the active site(s) for your license in your account section:

Check to make sure that the site(s) on file are accurate.

Ensure communication is not blocked

In order to activate a license, your site must be able to communicate with the licensing server. This communication takes place via HTTP requests over ports 80 and 443.

Some common causes for communication issues are:

  • Your site is on an intranet without access to the Internet
  • Your firewall rules are preventing HTTP requests to the licensing server
  • You have customized your hosts file
  • Your DNS settings are different than your servers

Please check all of these (if you are not able to check into these please as your server administrator) before opening a support ticket.

Your license is not active

If you have verified which site(s) should be active and there are no communication issues that you can see, your license may have expired. Please renew your license to activate your license.

None of this helped!

If you are continuing to have trouble activating your license please send an email to [email protected] and include your license key.