Version 4.1.5 of SearchWP is now available to all active license holders. In this update a number of improvements were made to further improve partial match logic in addition to increasing performance of delta index updates. Further, a bug was fixed that prevented searching all sites in a network (as opposed to specifying an array of site IDs).


  • [IMPORTANT] As of version 4.1 Comments are now a separate Source (if you are using Comments for any Post Type Source you will need to edit your Engine and rebuild your index, this is not done automatically and should be planned for when updating)
  • [Fix] Exact match buoy in partial match logic
  • [Fix] Implementation of query when site is set to 'all' to search all network sites
  • [Improvement] Partial match logic
  • [Improvement] Handling of invalid tokens when finding partial matches
  • [Improvement] Performance when applying delta index updates
  • [Improvement] Performance when dropping Entries
  • [Improvement] Handling of duplicate tokens in some cases
  • [Improvement] Native integration in non-standard environments (e.g. page builders)

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